Alex Theatre
Alex Theatre

Recently Allan Rendell, who runs the Alex Theatre in St Kilda, asked to see someone of Michael’s Work. Michael turned up with SEVEN full-length plays and his Musical “Magpie”.

Today we were invited to a meeting at the Alex and that meeting went very well.

In May 2019 they are staging not only the musical “Magpie”  

but later in the year they intend to stage Michael’s Powerful Play, Sidelined; (Suicide Row.)

Going by the reaction to these plays they may perhaps stage more of Michael’s plays after that.

Allan stated they have been looking for plays that are of an Off-Broadway and higher standard that also possess the ability to be toured nationally and further.

Magpie sports 18 original songs.

It was a very good meeting.

We’d like to thank Simon Walters, Dallas Rayner, Adrian Storey, Hugh Halliday Tony Byrne, Marie-Therese Byrne, The late Brendan Coustley, Benjamin James Sara Grenfell and all the others that have helped us to here.

Also next year Michael’s play The Magnolia Tree is set to do a short tour of South Australia with a larger tour being planned for Victoria in 2020 

Finally we are just about to publish the first part of Michael’s first and beautiful novel Fox.
That’s all for now, a Very Merry Christmas to you All and a Happy New Year.
Rohana Hayes.