Six Methods To Create A Secure Password You’ll Actually Remember
Six Methods to Create a Secure Password You’ll Actually Remember IG


We are always reminded of how important our passwords are. From our personal identification number (PIN) on our ATM cards to our password to our personal emails, passwords are they key to our virtual homes. And just like the real world, we don’t just give out our keys to strangers or even to our close friends. We keep our keys because they are personal. We don’t just use generic, weak locks from the dollar store. They must be unique and hard to clone.

This is how we should treat our passwords as well. But unfortunately, we don’t do this.

For many of us, we don’t keep our passwords as securely as our physical keys. Perhaps some of us don’t really think they are that important because the threat on our real life appears more tangible than the threat to our virtual lives. What we don’t realize is if our virtual life isn’t secured, then our real life could be in danger as well.

Or perhaps we are aware of how crucial having a strong password is; we just don’t know how to create a strong one that we would also remember. It’s one thing to create a password from the things that we are familiar with, like our children’s birthdays or our first pet name, it’s another to create something that hackers would have a hard time guessing  because that also means that we would have a hard time remembering it ourselves.

Learn how to create a secure password that you will remember easily from our infographic below presented by about the Six Methods to Create a Secure Password You’ll Actually Remember