Mick Huknall -pic by Carl Dziunka
Mick Huknall -pic by Carl Dziunka

I have gone to every Simply Red concert in Melbourne for 30 years. His last ‘Farewell Tour’ was magnificent; I am delighted that he has done a John Farham.

Simply Red005

The mood in St Kilda was celebratory, as cafes blasted his albums. Chaotic hoards fanned out from eateries towards the flapper era concert hall, and quickly flipped shut into sedate single lines at each door entry to the Palais.

The brilliant Hucknall appeals to all ages and stages of “Life” – eighteen to eighty years olds shared a camaraderie when dancing and singing and cheering.


This was a stripped back concert; low key staging, a sole casual costume, and down to earth renditions. There was little banter or set changes, and he guaged the audience desire for as many songs as possible. Ballads formed the main part of the concert and then Hucknall launched into joyous cavorting around the stage for ‘Fairground’ – one of my dance favourites. However, I must confess, I love every song and every album. Simply Red is unique, timeless, and clever.

His musicians are tight and explosive.

The trumpet and sax mesmerised me, with solos that cooked.  His lead guitarist is as perky as last tour; young, long straight silken locks juxtaposed with the older short, curly red provide a visual feast.His spotlight playing demonstrated his strong right hand playing.

When Simply Red performs his iconic, haunting ‘Holding Back the Years’ we are reminded of this man’s genius. Every time I listen, I am taken to a mystical place, and every time I see him shimmer, I smile with delight.

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