750ml – 9.3%


Let me get this clear, it’s $50.00 a bottle and not a slab as you may have been hoping for.

Now I say this a lot, $50.00 a bottle, yes its not cheap but this beer has spent almost one and a half hears ageing and developing layers and complex flavours of caramel, chocolate, and coffee, backed up by hints of vanilla and coconut from bourbon barrels that it’s aged in.

It is then goes into a smart dark heavy glass old fashioned beer bottle, sealed with a Champagne style cage and cork. From there with further bottle age it develops a robust personality of a dark beer looking a lot like a stout the way it pours dark with a tan/off white head.

On the nose there is wood laced with bourbon and liquorice. In the mouth the flavour starts mid palate with a hint of sweetness that soon shows a bitter side giving the palate a work out. Truly you get your money’s worth with this beer.

It’s a sipper, not one to chuck down its far to heavy for that. Also you need to work your way up to it starting with a few full flavoured beers before you open this baby. Most importantly share this bottle with a friend as it’s too heavy to drink by yourself – be warned its big!


Always looking for something new to impress and surprise and craft beer is changing the way young and old drink and spend there money buying quality over quantity on Friday night.

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