Shakespeare In Love

shakespeare in love

By Sam –  who is back reviewing things for The Sprink YUSSSSS

I want to have sex with William Shakespeare. Not the real Willy Spears (although I’ve definitely done worse), but MTC’s Shakespeare in Love version aka the new love of my life Michael Wahr. He got me grinding in my chair, particularly in the scene after they bang and he’s on stage in nothing but a sheet (help me, gay Jesus).

As per, MTC know what they’re doing (and I don’t), so not gonna go into nitty gritty’s but I will share some real talk: whoever designed those costumes deserves a fcking pay rise because they were NEK LEV. You’ve got a poofy sleeve, those weird boots with the folded knee flap, and so many effing sparkles on Queen Elizabeth’s gown that somewhere a drag queen is crying into her boring, un-bedazzled chiffon.

Was it a life changing piece of theatre? No. Was that the point? Def not. If you’re turning to the legends at MTC – and the on-stage version of a movie starring GOOP’s Gwyneth Paltrow – for enlightenment, then 1) sad and 2) this is not the show for you. If you’re sweaty for men with long hair, then YAH THIS IS THE PLAY FOR U, SIS.


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