“Seductive and shocking…teases and thrills” RIGHT NOW playing until May 20


RIGHT NOW has been enthralling audiences with its dark humour, compelling performances and suspenseful twists and turns. Want to know more? Read some of the critic’s rave reviews:

“…a nearly flawless production.” – The Australian

“A psychological thriller – with all its tension and surprises…O’Neill’s strong but delicate portrayal of a woman fraying at the seams – perhaps from the burden of adapting to motherhood, perhaps from some deeper grief – anchors both the clowning and the play’s dream logic. Opposite, Philips gives a poignant, understated performance.” – The Age

“Right Now is true theatre…incredibly engaging…this work is quality.”
– The Melbourne Critique

“Shatteringly clear…cleverly steeped in strangeness and suspense that makes Red Stitch’s production of Right Now so outstanding.”  – Theatre Press

“This play is a brilliant piece of absurd theatre…it is no wonder the intimate theatre was packed. Makeeva continues in fine form claiming centre stage, while Mark Wilson peps up the humour and absurdity… Petruzzi is a convincing foil as the eccentric husband Gilles.”  – Australian Stage Online

“The acting ensemble is uniformly excellent…Tense and twisted drama that you’ll wrestle with for a long time after” – KeithGow.com

 “It is an intriguing, puzzling but strangely pleasantly disturbing evening in the theatre.” – Stage Whispers



by Catherine-Anne Toupin

Directed by Katy Maudlin

Playing until May 20th.

Book now.

Trailer by Andrej Morgan.

Click above to watch the Right Now trailer on Vimeo



Welcome to the family

We’d like to warmly welcome two new staff members into our big little theatre!
We are so happy to have found the fantastic Angelica Clunes who is stepping into our Development Manager position and the brilliant Hannah Bullen who is our new Front of House Manager. Welcome and congratulations to these talented women!



RIGHT NOW on The Hub

The RIGHT NOW team had a chat with ABC Radio National’s Michael Cathcart on The Hub this Monday morning. If you missed it, click here to listen to director Katy Maudlin and actors Christina O’Neill and Mark Wilson chat about identity, reality, theatrical form as well as perform a short excerpt from the play.

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