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Sayonara September & October music biz



What do DarwinBali, Federation Square and George Jones have in common?


After working myself into a frenzy to finish this album I keep talking about, it occurred to me that I’d had a big year and maybe needed to clear the brain fog, all I was hearing were lyrics and chords and not in a good way. In a keeping me awake at night trying to write in my sleep way. So I headed to Darwin for my virgin visit and then to Bali to immerse myself in hot humid airwaves. I did nothing but yoga, meditation, massage, walk and eat. Perfect decision. The pictures below are of my favourite restaurant and yoga studio in Sanur. I”m now ready wrestle with / flow with the final stages of this record.

The opposite is some information about my whereabouts in October.

sayonara september & october music biz

This coming Sunday 6 October,  I revisit my R&B Country Boogaloo alter ego with Sam Lemann, Ash DaviesRick Plant and special guest Ash Gaudion at Federation Square alongside some Latin grooves and Spectrum. If that’s not eclectic enough for you I despair. We’re on at 3.30 for an hour. The weatherman is predicting 27 degrees. I rest my case. 
AND…. the reason for my pic of these two kissin’ cousins is that on Sat 19 October, I’m thrilled to be honouring the one and only George Jones when Ben Mastwyk presents his annual George love-in at The Gem Bar on Wellington St, in Collingwood at 8 pm.

It’s an all-girl affair featuring Madeline LemanLoretta MillerCat Canteri and myself with the band from country music heaven, except that they’re all alive. Can’t wait to sing some obscure GJ tunes and duet with Ben. 

It’s free. It’s good. It’s Melbourne. 

See you somewhere xxx TLD

sayonara september & october music bizsayonara september & october music biz

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