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A pre-show interview by Daryl Newton with singer-songwriter Sarah Carroll  

Having had the privilege of working with almost everyone in this lineup, I can honestly say there’s not a slouch amongst them. I caught up with Sarah Carroll on the phone during the week to find out who’s not turning up for rehearsal. EVERYONE apparently!

DN  Good morning Sarah How are things at the moment?

SC   Hi Daz I didn’t expect you to be calling to interview me

DN  I’m a lucky man with a cupboard full of hats

SC  So I see

DN  Well, what have you been up to lately and how are those sons of yours?

SC   I’ve been recovering from Chris’s (Chris Wilson) passing and doing a few shows with Shannon Bourne who I’m about to record an album with. As for Fenn and George, they’re doing the same thing, playing gigs and recording their own individual albums. George has a single launch on 11 Oct at the Cactus Lounge.

DN   And Saturday’s show is looking pretty good with a stellar lineup, what’s the makeup of the tunes you’ll be playing?

SC   The lineup is amazing. All great people and great muso’s. The Cartridge Family set list is made up of mostly Rusty’s songs, which are very witty and fun to do as well as a couple of my songs.

DN  With all you people doing all your own different things, how often do you get to rehearse a show like this?

SC   Twice so far. We have only really rehearsed when we go to record, so, yeah twice. So no one turns up for rehearsal at all. Though that’s just The Cartridge Family, I can’t speak for the others except to say that they are all a very talent lot. So it’ll be a great night.

DN    And MEMO, you have obviously played there before. What do you think of the venue?

SC    Yes I’ve done a few shows there. It’s fantastic. It’s a great room with awesome production and is a credit to  Simon Myers the house production manager. 

DN   Well I for one will certainly be there to witness the performance, even for a spoilt sound guy like myself, this should be an awesome show. Just look at all that talent, on the same stage, on the same night, for your one ticket.  

SC   Oh yeah some awesome people, we’re very lucky to have so many talented performers around.

DN    Thank you Sarah It was great to catch up and I look forward to Saturday .

SC  Thanks Daz It was good to talk to you and  I’ll see you at MEMO on Saturday

If you don’t feel spoilt then you must be plain greedy.  From the outset, I can see this is a gig well worth your attention. So unless you’re a muso gigging elsewhere, you have no excuse not to be in St Kilda’s MEMO Music Hall on Saturday. As they say “Be there or be square”.

The opening acts are far from what you’d call supporting artists and comprise of some of the world’s finest singers, songwriters, and musicians

The final act of the evening features the hilarious three-part harmonies of THE CARTRIDGE FAMILY – RUSTY BERTHER from legendary comedy duo The Scared Weird Little Guys, songstresses SUZANNAH ESPIE and SARAH CARROLL from acclaimed bands the Junes and Git, and violin maestro GREG FIELD.

Daryl Newton for Toorak Times and Melbourne Music Media.