Road Trip to Australia: 7 Sights to Visit by Car

road trip to australia: 7 sights to visit by car
Road Trip to Australia: 7 Sights to Visit by Car

Australia is a huge country occupying the whole continent. This is an ideal place for traveling by car, because admiring Australian beauties is much more convenient from the window of the vehicle. High-quality roads connecting the farthest places will contribute to this, while car rental Australia under 21 is an excellent way to enjoy the road trip even for the novice drivers.

Now we will tell you in detail about the most unique and interesting destinations to visit in Australia by car. Check them out to make your upcoming trip as exciting as possible…

road trip to australia: 7 sights to visit by carGreat Barrier Reef

Let’s start with the main natural attractions of Australia – the Great Barrier Reef. This is the world’s largest coral reef, stretching along the coast of Australia in the Pacific Ocean, and has more than 2,900 individual coral reefs. Thousands of tourists from all over the world come there to personally see this incredible beauty under the water.

Surprisingly, the largest object on the planet, formed by living organisms, is perfectly visible from space.

road trip to australia: 7 sights to visit by car

Sydney Opera Theater

Sydney Opera Theater is one of the largest cities in Australia. It has long become its hallmark, and most importantly, it’s the most famous building on the continent.

The construction was delayed a bit, and, having laid the foundation stone of a unique building in 1959, the construction process was completed only in 1973. The building itself is made in an ultra-modern expressionist style. The innovative and unusual design of the opera house is amazing, thus it’s the most recognizable building on the map of Australia.

road trip to australia: 7 sights to visit by carUluru Mountain

In the heart of Uluru-Kata National Park you’ll find an unusual rock formation in the form of a reddish holm, called Ayers Rock, or Red Mountain. If the theater in Sydney is the most recognizable man-made landmark, the Uluru rock in Australia is the most recognizable natural object.

This is truly the eighth wonder of the world, which can change color during the day. The local population continues to support the myth that in the depths of the rock formation once lived a water python considered to be the owner of this mountain.

road trip to australia: 7 sights to visit by carWave Rock

More than million years ago, an unusual rock was formed in the shape of a huge wave. It’s located in the western part of the continent, stretches for over 100 meters, and its height reaches 15 meters.

In ancient times, local tribes believed that it was in this place that the spirits of ancestors and nature were found. At the foot and on top of the rock archaeologists explored the sanctuary, where religious rites and sacrifices took place. Today, modern Australians even tremble and care about this miracle of geology, taking tremendous efforts to preserve the integrity of the natural monument.

road trip to australia: 7 sights to visit by carThe Twelve Apostles

Such an unusual name was received by rock formations off the southern coast of Australia, located among the amazingly beautiful landscapes of Port Campbell National Park. Limestone rocks are different in size and height, and until the beginning of the twentieth century were called ‘Sow and piglets’.

Despite the fact that there were 9 rocks, they received such a romantic biblical name. In 2005, under the influence of water and wind, one of the rocks collapsed into the ocean, but a beautiful natural object hasn’t lost its appeal, and thousands of tourists come to it to look at the miracle created by nature. By the way, the Great Ocean Road, which is deservedly one of the most scenic roads in the world, leads to this natural monument.

road trip to australia: 7 sights to visit by carKakadu National Park

The huge reserve in the northern part of the continent is a World Heritage Site, and has been started its history since 1965. The park received its unusual name by the name of the tribe of the aborigines who lived in these territories for many centuries.

More than 1,700 species of plants grow in the vast space, and the fauna is represented by rare species of animals and birds. As you know, it’s on this continent that there are a large number of animals that don’t live in other parts of the world. In addition to natural beauty, there are many archaeological monuments, as well as ethnological objects protected by the state on the territory.

road trip to australia: 7 sights to visit by carKings Canyon

The Kings Canyon is considered to be the main geological attraction of the Watarrka National Park – it has long been a sacred place for the aborigines of the green continent. The rocks formed millions of years ago feature unusual shapes due to the wind effect, and the height of the rocks in some places reaches almost 200 meters.

Several tourist routes of varying complexity and length are laid in the canyon. However, each of them is thought out to the smallest detail in order to fully admire the beauty of a truly royal canyon.