Wine Pineau-.


I know a little bit about this wine as I spoke to the Rep in length, well over a cold bottle of Pineau. I found it interesting if not different to say the least; (I don’t like sweet, high-alcohol wines. well thats what I thought) First I will tell you the story as told to me.

This is the short version. Number one like most inventions around the world it was a mistake a real cock up. Around 1589 Joe the wine farmer put, 3 parts freshly pressed grape must into a barrel.

Why nobody really knows? – However must is what is left when you press grapes. The juice, skins, stem ect. All went into a Cognac barrel that still had a fair whack of Cognac left in it.

Five years latter Joe the wine farmer gives the barrel a shake and thinks to himself, might just have a look at that and the rest is history. The resulting wine today is a pale gold,straw colour.

A wonderful honeyed nutty nose with spice lurking around every corner. This all repeated itself in the mouth with clear apricot and almond flavours showing after the second mouthful with good acid just braking up the sweetness a little. What I had to remember when trying to judge this white wine was in fact it is a fortified wine.

Strange but true.

The Rep who will remain nameless turned up at the store just before Xmas with a cold bottle of this tucked under his arm. just as we were starting lunch chicken and warm corn salad from the cafe next door. No not a perfect match but thank god we had some food to keep us upright this stuff has a kick like a mule.

I love my food but most importantly I love my job. I get to taste some very interesting wines and tell other people why they should have a look at them. For me thats the importance of continually trying different wines. (Thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it.)

Michael Lillis