reasons why content marketing is a significant part of seo

Content and SEO are closely related and together they can help pull any website to the top of search engine results. Unique content that is created after careful keyword research will rank higher than that content that fails to satisfy online searchers’ intent. 

reasons why content marketing is a significant part of seo

Did you know that almost half of the population aged 18-49 years looks online for information and news? This makes it evident why marketers have to emphasize on providing stellar content. Instead of pitching your product or services, you’re providing actually relevant and helpful content to your prospects and customers to assist them to solve their problems.

In this article, we are going to provide you with an understanding of why content is important for SEO and how optimized content can help you land on the search engine radar. 

SEO Demands Quality Content

There’s no such thing as SEO without content. In fact, they are like two peas in the pod – the two cannot work on their own. Google, the king of all search engines, highly values content that is useful, relevant, engaging, and credible. 

It’s good quality content that helps you build visibility on search engines in several ways. After all, you need words, substance, and keywords to reach your target audience. The practical application of SEO makes up the essence of content marketing. So no matter how cliché it may sound, when you talk about better search engine rankings, ‘content is king’. For instance, you may consider a digital marketing agency like Vine Digital that can help you produce powerful content as a right formula to stand out & generate more leads. By addressing searchers’ concerns and questions and acting as a valuable knowledge base, you can attain better search rankings, the higher website traffic and greater conversions. 

SEO Is Driven by Keywords – Content Marketing Uses Keywords

Keywords make up an integral component of SEO. Researching and utilizing the right keywords determines your ranking in the search engine result pages. The application of keywords is what helps you create optimized content. Therefore, the only way you can funnel all your keywords research into practice is by placing them throughout your content. 

However, you need to learn how to place keywords strategically rather than stuffing them all over, in which case your SEO will fall. 

Google’s Algorithms Are Becoming More and More Focused on High-Quality Content

Google is constantly refining and improving its search algorithms that automatically score web pages based on content quality. Without content, your web pages lose their value as Google recognizes they don’t fulfil searchers intent. Therefore, a greater focus on content quality forms the basis of a strong SEO strategy because it is driven towards providing a positive search experience. 

Clearly, your strategy is only going to be successful if it’s backed by engaging content. Without it, you’re going to struggle to grab the attention you need to collect leads and convert them into customers. When content is optimized, your visibility and exposure are drastically improved. Make these two go together, and your digital marketing impact will sky-rocket!