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Monday, June 27, 2022

Welcome to the reading of The Wolves’ Brilliant new play: A comedy.



To end the year on a blast we are staging a reading of Michael Gray Griffith’s new play, the comedy

“Adrifting Through the Vomit Generation”.

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The Synopsis
Three women are marooned in one suburban house that is just about to be repossessed; they are defiantly trying to hang on to their individual dreams that they secretly know are now out of their reach. Then an older woman, Margaret arrives and claims that she’s here to save them. They are convinced that the only thing that can save them is money; the trouble is this older woman is claiming she doesn’t have any! Rather, she is determined to convince them that beyond the ruins of their Great Australian Dreams lies a deeper, far more adventurous and satisfying life.

The Characters

Di : Rohana Hayes
Di owns the house but she is months behind on the mortgage and she has just lost her job. She is determined not to lose the house but what she needs is money and she needs it now so she has called her tight arsed Mother and intends to demand her inheritance. Trouble is . . .

Magnolia: Caroline Ferguson
Magnolia did well; real-estate portfolios, travel, cars but it was all on borrowed money and when her husband died the creditors moved in. Now, like an economic refugee she lives with Di, where to she’s been selling all the goods she amassed on EBAY to survive. Now she’s down to her last handbag. She is determined to get back to the rich life where she is convinced she belongs . . . Trouble is.

Taylor: TBA
Taylor is Di’s 25 year old daughter. Intelligent, quick witted and a talented photographer she is so crippled by anxiety she no longer leaves the house but now that the house might be lost she’ll have no choice. Unable to see any place of herself in our society the future looks bleak . . . Unless.

Margaret: Robyn Arthur
Margaret is Di’s mother and Taylor Grandmother, a notorious scrooge she has answered her daughters call for help with a text saying she is on her way and she intends to save them all, and all they have to do in return is give up their dreams oh and don’t think about asking her for money.

Welcome To The Reading Of The Wolves’ Brilliant New Play: A Comedy.

Welcome To The Reading Of The Wolves’ Brilliant New Play: A Comedy.

Hosted by Peter Kalos in The Lab
Alex Theatre St Kilda 135 Fitzroy, St Kilda

DECEMBER 1st 2pm

Rohana Hayes producer

MO 0425854942

Welcome To The Reading Of The Wolves’ Brilliant New Play: A Comedy.

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