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Wine and cheese, George and Amal Clooney, documentary films and quality journalism: some things were just meant to go together. This year, Antenna was pleased to partner with Schwartz Media, publishers of The Saturday Paper and theMonthly, and our discerning audiences have a lot in common!

Thanks to Schwartz Media, we have a fantastic opportunity for readers of the Antenna E-newsletter to sign up for regular quality journalism and also support the future of the Antenna Documentary Film Festival. If you subscribe to The Saturday Paper before 26th November, 2015, using the promo code giveAFFThe Saturday Paper will donate 20% of every subscription to Antenna Documentary Film Festival.

You can brush up on your Australian politics, current affairs and culture over your Saturday morning coffee, while feeling the warm and fuzzies knowing that you’re also helping Australia’s premier documentary film festival to continue to bring you the best global documentary stories – sounds like a deal to us!


Terms & Conditions: 

1.    The promotional code must be entered for online orders or clearly stated for telephone or mail orders.

2.    Not a personal donation: an amount of 20% of the GST exclusive subscription price paid will be a donation to the Antenna Documentary Film Festival from The Saturday Paper Pty Ltd, not connected with any individual subscriber’s name, nor considered a donation for taxation purposes.

3.    Applies to all subscriptions between October 26 – November 26 inclusive; both print and digital subscriptions taken out directly via The Saturday Paper website or telephone customer service but not via iTunes or any third party subscription services.

4.    The availability of delivery to your area will need to be confirmed before the order is included in the donation total. Confirmation of delivery to the area takes 10-14 days.