One of the most popular sports in the world Rugby enjoys a set of fans that are enthralled with the game. It has been originated from the United Kingdom and people from Europe, Asia, and Australia have been participating and enjoying its popularity. Rugby league currently has 16 clubs who battle it out over 26 rounds for a spot in the finals. Which makes it perfect for watching on TV or live streams and get live betting odds from various tournaments throughout the year. You get many different markets to choose from and can find over or under bets, handicap bets, and basic 1X2 bets. 

Rugby League overview

Rugby is a contact sport played between two teams, to score as many points with a ball in several different methods. The teams are split into forwards and backs where the forwards one will dive to tackle the ball while the latter with technicality and speed will try to look out for tries. Both the teams will tackle each other to stop opponents scoring points and will try to increase their points tally by scoring tries, conversions and drop goals. 

Tries are the hardest and the most valuable scoring method.  Even penalties are also worth three points and can form the backbone of a team’s points tally. Rugby league laws are strict and if some does a mistake then the consequences are dangerous. 

Betting opportunities in Rugby League

As this game is new in betting markets, there are some platforms that offer you betting odds for dozens of competitions. And you get to introduce to the biggest and best tournaments and teams on the planet with which you can bet on rugby league with confidence. Rugby league is a different beast and is definitely the pinnacle of the sport. With so many competitions to choose from, you can always find something to bet on. Click here and get to know the quick fixes of the Rugby league with which you can bet and get the best online solutions. 

Some online solutions to watch out for Betting on Rugby League are mentioned below- 

  • Rugby league has always been a high-scoring game, it is very rare you will witness a draw. So, betting markets don’t offer the draw, while others will price a draw at around 40/1.
  • Handicap betting, one of the teams is given a hypothetical advantage or disadvantage, with points being either given to them or taken away from them. It happens only when one team is the favourite to win. 
  • Over and under bets give you a number and a category you need to bet on whether this number is exceeded or not. If the total number of points in a match is 41.5 and you have bet over, you win if there are 42 points or over and if there’s 41 points or less, you lose.
  • There are also outright bets on tournaments and leagues. It means you can bet on the winner of a tournament. In this, you have a team to support and follow throughout their games.
  • Betting on individual players during rugby games has a big market. The bets are specially played on first try scorer or who will score the opening try of a match. In this usually, the backs are always the favourites but sometimes the forwards can bulldoze their way to the try line whose odds are usually much higher.
  • Bets on whoever kicks the most points is always a strong bet and you need to bet on one of the two fly-halves, assuming they are the players assigned to kick conversions and penalties.
  • Some exceptional bets are also placed on punch-ups between the two teams, or a player who makes penalty mistakes when tackling. Bets are placed on the first yellow card of a game, which makes it more enjoyable to watch.

The more you watch or play the game, the clearer these rules will become. So good luck to your betting moves and get your grips with Rugby League.