“Melbourne welcomes Live Pub Theatre”

On 21st January 2020, The Wolves Theatre Company will once again stage Pub theatre at the Iconic Live Music Hotel The Palace, Camberwell.

The Play  Marooned is a powerful, important and touching play that is remarkably funny. 

While the concept of Live theatre in pubs is rare in Melbourne the concept has found success in England with many London pubs holding regular plays each week.

So exactly how did Pints and Plays meet?  Founder of the Wolves theatre company Michael Gray Griffith was trying to find an affordable and suitable home for smaller-scale theatre shows.

Michael drove past the hotel and approached Venue Manager Steve Szalay.  

Steve Szalay Palace Hotel Venue Manager had this to say on the topic: 

When Michael and Rohana approached me with this concept I really liked the idea as it was something fresh and different. I have had success with comedy, music and pop trivia in the past and I believe that as a publican we need to adapt and be different in order to grow. I’m hoping Pub theatre will provide a unique and entertaining experience to our patrons as well as allowing actors and playwrights the opportunity to showcase their talents week in week out.

Ultimately we’re hoping that more pubs will take this concept on and with the federal government cutting their funding to the arts hopefully this relationship will help live theatre survive in Australia.

– Steven Szalay Palace Hotel Venue Manager

Marooned at The Palace Hotel

21 January 2020

The Palace Hotel

893 Burke Rd,

Camberwell VIC 3124

Dinner and show 7 pm

Play starts 8 pm.


To Theatre Makers and Theatre Loving Audiences

This is a great way to create a new culture.

Many suburban pubs are struggling on mid weeknights and independent theatre companies are always struggling due to a lack of affordable venues, so why not join forces?

As stated the UK has a successful and cultural tradition that works: Pub Theater.

There is no reason why that couldn’t work here.

We are The Wolves Theatre Company, Melbourne based we are attempting to set up a metropolitan circuit so that we and other theatre company’s can travel their plays through pubs and halls.

For the pub, it brings new faces to your establishments.

For the theatre company, it allows them to develop new Australian stories and allow playwrights, producers and actors to learn the business behind theatre which is attracting and holding an audience at a price they are happy to pay which will also pay the company’s bills.

Within a year it could be on its way to becoming a cultural norm.

If you would like to know more why not come along or contact me 

Michael G Griffith

0425 854 943

The Wolves Theatre Company

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