proven strategies to study and pass microsoft 70-462 exam. how can exam dumps help you do it?


Pursuing further skills that will enhance your chances of employment is crucial. However, this doesn’t come easy as one has to invest a vast amount of time and resources to gain the needed skills. Consequently, certifying programs like those from Microsoft require you to go through the intense study to pass the exams afterwards. But what you gain at the end is definitely worth it.

So, the exam this post focuses on is Microsoft MS-200 targeting professionals who wish to acquire skills in Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 database administration. Read the post on to understand the test details and what strategies you can adopt to prepare and pass it.

Exam 70-462 Details and Subsequent MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014 Badge

There are three important steps candidates must go through to earn MCSA in SQL Server 2012/2014. Two stages involve exams 70-461 and 70-463, respectively. With it, Microsoft 70-462 test evaluated in the article is the intermediate step. It is designed for professionals who perform tasks including installing, maintaining, and configuring of databases. These specialists also perform tasks like setting up of database systems, ensuring they operate efficiently, and regularly storing, backing up, and securing data.

Going deeper into the topic, 70-462 exam will be coming with 40-60 exam questions required to be answered in 2 hours. The items may include short answer, fill-in-the-blank, best answer, case studies, active screen, multiple-choice, and review screen, among many others. The passing score each candidate is obliged to get should not fall below 700 points, with a maximum mark of 1000 points. One of the preliminary conditions for the test is paying a fee of $165.

Proven Strategies to Prepare and Pass Exam 70-462

Every worthwhile goal requires you to pursue it with intensity, and passing exams is no exception. A candidate striving to pass must understand what it takes to grasp all the expectations of an assessment, especially such a serious test as a Microsoft one. This comprehension also implies the possession of tested techniques and approaches to help you pass your exam even if you are taking it for the first time. The strategies below will help you prepare and pass exam 70-462 smoothly.

  1. Review Exam 70-462 Exam Topics

Now, exam topics form its core. Unless you study and understand them in the first place, you won’t be doing any helpful work. Getting to know exam 70-462 topics guides your way through choosing the materials for the revision. This way, be advised on the important domains that you need to study for the success in the test:

  • Installing as well as configuring databases
  • Maintenance of instances as well as databases
  • Data management
  • Implementation of security
  • Performing optimization and troubleshooting tasks
  • Implementation of high availability
  1. Ensure to Study Routine

Good preparation requires a schedule that you can follow. Therefore, you should create one and make sure your time for study is prioritized. Failure to do so may lead you to procrastination or even slowing your studies down. To escape this, it’s good to know the best time you can absorb materials for the test and also, when you’re less likely to be distracted. Ultimately, ensure to stick to the routine you establish if you wish to maximize on the usage of your time.

  1. Microsoft Practice for Exam 70-462 with Modules

Learning with pure theory may not be good enough to pass exam 70-462. You also need to focus on gaining experience through practice. Thus, Microsoft proposes you an expert-led training course you can take with a partner on-demand or in a classroom to master relevant hands-on skills. These capacities will also be helpful to your employer when performing actual tasks at work.

  1. Other Exam 70-462 Study Materials

Another winning strategy that will help you prepare and pass exam 70-462 is taking other Microsoft study materials such as books, practice tests, and video courses that are best for covering the test requirements comprehensively. So, which learning tools are best for studying your exam in administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 databases? Let’s find out below:

  • Exam 70-462 prep videos
  • Exam 70-462 Study Kit from Microsoft Press
  • Exam 70-462 Official Practice Test
  1. Practice and Relax for Your Test 70-462 with Exam Dumps

This is one of the most valuable optional techniques to apply while preparing for your test. The value of 70-462 exam dumps cannot be underestimated. They are best in enabling you to discover strengths as well as weaknesses and loopholes in your knowledge.

Thus, exam dumps are also helpful in guiding you on the most likely items to appear in the actual test. By the time you’ve done practising with these questions and answers for the test you come across in your dumps, you’ll be in a position to know 98-100% how the actual test will look like.

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The ultimate way to passing your test that you cannot ignore is getting completely relaxed. You see, tension or stress can lead to failing the assessment. As long as you feel well-prepared for the exam, there’s no need to be anxious about this upcoming challenge. On a major day, just go through every question attentively with your nerves calmed down and assure you answer all the items correctly.



Without a doubt, exam preparation is an important event in every professional’s life. This period is what determines you getting good marks in the Microsoft 70-462 exam. It will also define whether you’ll become eligible for moving to the next step, 70-463 test before earning your MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014 credential. And since this preparation stage is critical to your progress, pay crucial attention to every detail, especially to preparing with exam dumps from ExamSnap.