products you need after childbirth

Newborn clothing?


Car Seat?

Bedding set?

These are the things that you think can be enough to take care of you after delivery? Definitely No!

If you are expecting your first child, don’t forget to add mommy-must-needed products that you should be kept on the list while shopping for your baby. Expecting mom and dad are more concerned to prepare for their baby’s arrival. You are going to get a crib, stroller and other important baby products like the nursing cover that are essential by all means. But what about you after giving birth?

Here we have some important Products you need after childbirth, so make sure you have grabbed all these with pre-baby shopping.

Postpartum products for Mom

Sitz Bath

Once you have welcomed your baby, you must have a sore pelvic floor. You need to get some herbal bath that can help you soothe the pain, wounds, swelling and heal bruises or tears. Sitting in a warm water tub with favorable herbs can help you reducing cramps, increase blood circulation, and give you comfort after a hard labor process. This Sitz bath is also helpful for hemorrhoids too. You can get a sitz bath from any superstore located near your place, or you can also order it from Amazon.

If you don’t get enough time to sit in a bath for some time, you can go for Sitz spray. You can spray it on the skin directly, this is the quickest solution for relieving aches. Your pelvic floor will be thankful to you after this relaxing and warm bath after giving childbirth.


After childbirth, you are going to have lochia. It is a bleeding shedding from the uterus lining; which lasts for as short as for 2 weeks and can last for 6 weeks after delivery. Do not use tampons, instead go for some medicated cooling pads. If you are admitted to a hospital, you can arrange as many as you can because you are going to need them for a couple of weeks.

You can go for maternity pads, these are not like typical maxi pads. The postpartum maternity pad is large and thick designed to handle the heavy postpartum bleeding. You need to have mesh underwear to handle giant and cold pads. These undergarments are usually stretchy and breathable, and above all they are disposable.

Peri Bottles

Peri bottles can be used in many situations after childbirth, they are so cheap that you can buy in a good amount at a time. You can place them in every bathroom of your home and one in your bag if you need to go out. You can fill it with lukewarm water that can be used as a replacement of toilet papers particularly in the first week of postpartum.

Most hospitals give you one peri bottle to bring home, this has an angled end that does not let you lean over every time you go to the toilet.

Pants and Shirts

This is sure that after giving birth, your weight drops down immediately; after all, baby can weigh somewhat around 5-8 pounds. And this is the time when you need to be honest with yourself and pamper as well. You have to be prepare something comfortable for yourself before delivering a baby. There are post-maternity lounge pants, robe, nursing tops, and pajamas are available in the market and online stores. You can be more comfortable in a relaxing and soothing dress, so visit the clothing store to get some postpartum costumes. But make sure those dresses don’t have any embellishments on them, this might hurt your baby.

Hot/Cold packs

All you need to reduce swelling of the body after childbirth and to increase the blood circulation, there is one simple way of using cold and heating packs. These packs have Velcro on these packs that keep them in their place. These products are the most favorable postpartum mommy items that help them in soothing their aches and pains. There is pillow inside the packs for the perineum and breasts, so whenever you will feel some sort of soreness, make your day with these packs better. 

Healing Salve

As the cesarean rate is increasing rapidly all over the globe, it is better to get something that can help you potentially after a C-section. This balm is going to generate new cells and play its role in repairing wounds quickly. Your doctor might recommend you to get this product, if not you can go yourself. 

You can also use this Salve for any surgical scars, old C-section marks or burns. 

Nursing Tanks

After giving childbirth you need to have 5-7 nursing tanks in your stock, have extra back up every time with you so you don’t need to rush out. This can give you comfortable sleep in the early few weeks, you can get a good quality of tops from the online market too. 

How to tackle postpartum depression?

Having first is a life-changing experience for every new mommy. Every woman faces a spell of baby blues due to sleep deficiency and hormonal changes. You can talk to your doctor if you are feeling depressed, sad, isolated or anxious more than a week after childbirth. You should not be ashamed of postpartum depression as this not your fault. This period will go faster than you expect, just focus on your health, spend quality time with your newborn and keep calm. 

Postpartum healing tips

These few tips can help you to get speedy recovery after childbirth, heal soon and feel better.

  • You have to heal your perineum tears, use ice pads in the early 24 hours post-birth every 2nd hour.
  • Avoid standing or sitting for a longer duration.
  • Take warm baths for at least 20 minutes.
  • If you have C-section, take care of the scars.
  • Use hygienic ways to clean your incision area.
  • Use antibiotic ointment on the scars.
  • Avoid hard exercises.
  • Do not carry heavy objects besides your child.
  • Heating pads can help you in soothing pains and aches.
  • After childbirth, postpartum bowel might take some time; don’t force things.
  • Take the maximum of fiber-rich food, including whole grains and veggies.
  • Tart doing Kegel exercises after consulting your doctor.
  • You can massage gently if feeling some soreness after breastfeeding.
  • Use comfy nursing pads, go for Lanolin cream if you feel some cracks on the skin.
  • Avoid stress.
  • Eat well, drink enough liquids to avoid constipation.
  • Go to your doctor for a regular checkup.

The Final Thoughts

It is equally important to prepare yourself after homecoming as you have prepared for your baby’s. If you understand that postpartum recovery is not important for you but your newborn baby and family as well, you can be able to deal with it better. Upon learning the importance you can get the right supplies at your end can help you feel comfortable when it comes to postpartum self-care.

It will have a positive impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing. You will be able to save your energy and time by not rushing to get what is needed if you have these products. When you have what you required can make you control your pain immediately and you can spend more quality time with your newborn.

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