Product Catalogues – The Direct Equation with Sales!

Product Catalogues

Business is all about increasing sales volume and profits. Every brand wants to deliver more and more and generate maximum revenue. If you want the same thing for your business then here is what you need to know. A business only stands out when it has the USP that differentiates it from the others.

While digital selling is what everyone is focusing on, let us talk about the importance of print media. A catalogue provides an insight regarding the product, pricing, quantity; in the form of images and text. It also contains a brief description of the brand and the online presence of the brand.

Here is what you need to keep in mind when your business is presented on the catalogue:

Make it a recurring event:

The aim of printing a brand catalogue is to capture more audience and convert these into buyers. Well, consistency and persistence are two foundational pillars of any business. Whether it is about a presentation or a product catalogue, these two elements create a unique difference.
Whenever you launch a new product, make an announcement through catalogues. You are offering heavy discounts on your products? Share the catalogue. The more you spread the information, the more audience you will attract.

A limited period offer:

The word limited itself says it all. The urgency it creates will deliver maximum output. Customers who wished to buy products earlier are more inclined to buy these at this time with discounted prices. If a store offers exciting discounts and displays its products interestingly like BIG W Catalogues, it becomes irresistible for customers to shop at such amazing prices. The catalogue is a way to spread this message as far as possible. The more attractive the catalogue is, the more probability of it going viral amongst the target audience.

Price display is essential:

Just adding pictures of the products and their description would not help in increasing the sales volume. To hit the right buying nerve, customers need to know how much they are going to spend. Even during window shopping, people see the price tag first. Mentioning the price is a paramount thing to make the product catalogue a big hit. Here is a secret to capturing the audience’s attention with the price – mention the actual price v/s the discounted one.

Let the photos do the work:

Providing product description does not mean you have to bore your customers. Remember, the human eye can only grasp the first 13 milliseconds of information it sees. Ensure, the photos do all the talking. The product should be placed in such a way on the catalogue that the buyer wants to know more about the brand. Just adding the background to the product image won’t help. Present some famous faces wearing, holding, sitting, etc. with your products.

The Final Take Away

A catalogue is not just a printed document. It is your selling script in the form of product information. Ensure it itself speaks for the brand and fulfills its main function – increasing the footfall and ensuring the sales volume goes higher.