Styling up is easier if you own a few pieces that go well with anything. These items are considered staple pieces because of their timeless beauty and have become a necessity to some people.

If you are interested in fashion or are just trying to find out how to improve your style, start with these five must-have  pieces for versatile  styling!

Trench Coat

The trench coat is a must-have for people in the fashion world, and it is suitable for any gender. This piece can quickly turn your outfit to look more elegant and classy. With this coat, you have clothing in your wardrobe that will never go out of style.

Aside from that, trench coats are a versatile fashion item that you can easily wear on any occasion and in any weather. However, it would be best to wear more layers underneath the coat in winter. This item looks even better if layered with other fashion pieces. So, styling in winter is made easier!

Aside from these excellent stylings, trench coats also have other qualities and purpose that makes them even more popular. The coat is made to be comfortable, so comfort is guaranteed when you wear one. Also, trench coats are waterproof! You no longer have to worry about getting your coat wet during rainy weather.

White Shoes

There is a saying that goes, “good shoes take you to good places.” Thus, you can never go wrong with investing in good pairs of shoes. You can quickly move around in good shoes while still looking good.

The reason for the color choice is that white shoes are incredibly versatile. Although people may be against easily-dirtied shoes, white pair of shoes is an easy option that goes well with any outfit. Wearing dresses with shoes is what is currently in style. You can also add white shoes to your formal outfit and still look elegant with a hint of casual.

Moreover, shoes have a wide selection of variations that can be confusing. For shoes that have an increased grip, Nike SB is a good option. Nothing can be more comfortable than using skateboarding shoes on a regular day.

Little Black Dress

Simple, classic, and elegant. These three words are the most accurate descriptions of a little black dress. Little black dresses are cocktail dresses or evening dresses. It is endearing how simple it looks yet still exudes elegance.

Wearing a black dress is like wearing a refined black canvas. This fashion piece allows you to express your talent for styling freely. You can wear pieces of jewelry and other accessories, or you can even go out of your way and have fun layering your dress.

The little black dress has a long history. In the 1920s, this type of dress could only be worn when mourning until short, simple, black clothing was printed on a magazine, amidst the huge hats and corsets trend at that time. Since then, this type of dress has become an essential piece of clothing you would want to have in your closet.

Leather Jacket

Another staple fashion item that you must own is the leather jacket. Like any other of this list, it never goes out of style. Leather jackets are originally designed to prevent injuries for bikers while maintaining as an avant-garde fashion item.

It is a stunning jacket that can significantly upgrade your seemingly boring casual tee shirt outfit up a notch. What makes it even more of a need is that you can wear your leather jacket over your dress to keep you warm without ruining your outfit.

Leather jackets now come in different colors to mix and match on different occasions. It can be intimidating clothing for others, but once you find the perfect leather jacket for you, you can no longer look at other jackets the same way!

Classic Jeans

As society innovates exceptional items, classic jeans will remain the classic piece. It is the epitome of a must-have item in your wardrobe. Not only are they easy to pair with anything in your closet, but it is also always in style. If you do not feel like wearing other types of outfits, you can quickly put on your favorite top and classic jeans, matching your white shoes, and you are good to go.

You will also not need to worry about having too many jeans because you can have them forever. Even worn-out pieces of denim still look as elegant as the new ones. Plus, the market offers different designs and colors that you can choose from. If you are looking for an everyday outfit that you can easily style, it is time to consider getting classic jeans.

Final Thoughts

To appear fashionable, you do not have to purchase expensive fashion statements or completely revamp your closet. You can use what you currently have and be more creative about them. In a way, fashion expresses the bearer. In this regard, With proper washing and care, your clothing can be a timeless fashion piece.

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