potential benefits to sending your child to a private school

As a parent your key responsibilities as well as loving then and keeping them safe, is to make sure they get the best education you can manage. Sometimes that comes to the income you are on, but when considering whether to send your child to a Perth Christian school or some other private school option, keep in mind that many offer grants, payments plans and other means of helping parents so it is not just the top 1% of parents who have this option. There are many benefits to choosing private over public. While some public schools are excellent there seems to be more of a mix in standards, and there is a big problem nowadays with class numbers and behaviour problems. So here is why a private school could be the answer.

Higher standards of education

It is not always the case that every Perth private school has higher standards of education than every public school. But it is often the case, because of some of the other advantages we will mention here, such as better student to staff ratios, better funding and stricter measures in terms of behaviour. Your child is going to do better in a school that has such standards, whatever means of learning they engage in.

Better teacher-student ratios

A lot of private schools make sure their class numbers are controlled. Where public schools are facing numbers of 30 or more, private schools can halve that. That means the students are able to engage with the teacher more, can ask for help and get it, and the teacher is more likely to know the students they have and what they respond best to in terms of teaching and discipline. Issues are noted and caught earlier and resolved. Students at a Perth private school are more able to participate in lessons, class discussions and so on.

More money

The funding is another important factor. Very often private schools have more money and so can invest in resources, develop more programs, have more after school clubs, more opportunities for educational school trips and so on. Those programs might be curriculum-focused, or there might be a focus on sports or arts or music for example. Your child, if they have special interests, has more of an opportunity to do what they love.

Higher standards in discipline

There is bound to be better discipline in a school that has fewer pupils. But often there is a big emphasis on behaviour in private schooling. There is less chance of disruptive children interrupting your child’s education, and less chance of them becoming disruptive themselves. Typical issues you can find in public schools are not so typical in private schools.

More community orientated

Attending a private school like a Perth Christian school means there is more chance of a community feel where parents are a part of their children’s school lives. The school and the parents communicate often and events happen where everyone gets together. This is good for the children and you.