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Possum Removal Brisbane: 3 Mistakes To Avoid



Possums are extensively found in Australia. These animals are protected by the Australian Wildlife Act. Killing a possum can land you up in prison as well. Therefore, when it comes to dealing with possum it is best to leave the job for experts of pest control Brisbane.

Possums can be easily spotted in the residential areas of Brisbane. These creatures thrive at night and often remain around human residences in search of food and shelter. However, possums are quite destructive in nature and often bother residents with property damage, odour, and dying inside the premises.

If you are tired of possums and attempting possum pest control Brisbane then there are a few mistakes you must not make. Continue reading to find out the things you should not do for possum removal Brisbane.

Catching the Possum Yourself

Several homeowners and DIY enthusiasts often take matters into their hands and attempt possum control Brisbane. As mentioned before, possums are protected animals, and harming them can come with hefty penalties and a great time in prison.

You must take note that if a possum gets injured or dies during the removal attempt, the homeowners need to go through legal hot waters. Therefore, avoid making the mistake of catching a possum yourself.

Contact professionals for possum removal Brisbane!

Removing Dead Possum at Home

Possums are infamous for creating havoc. They are often roaming around untouched corners and inside the wall gaps in search of shelter. Many a time, possum get stuck in confined spaces and die.

A dead possum starts releasing an unpleasant odour that lasts for a few days, and even attract pests. An attempt of dead possum removal should be left for the experts. The carcass of the possum gets highly contaminated and imposes health hazards.

One needs to wear safety gear and follow preventive measures before removing a dead possum. In case you have cuts or wounds then avoid going closer to the carcass, as you can get infected.

Not Calling a Professional Possum Catcher Brisbane

Taking the matter in your hands only imposes health hazards to you and your loved ones. When you lack experience and knowledge about dead possum removal Brisbane you should leave the job for the professionals.

Whether it is about catching a live possum or removing a dead possum, there are several risks associated when dealing with wildlife. A live possum is difficult to catch without expert knowledge.

The carcass of possum releases toxic liquids whose exposure can cause infection and allergic reaction. Avoid making the mistake of not calling a professional. You may just end up risking your life, exhausting yourself, and wasting time.

Rely on a professional possum catcher Brisbane as they have experience, training, and tools for safely removing and disposing of possums from your premises.

Sealing the Entry Points

Many a time, homeowners keep an eye on the activity of possum invading their property. Residents often make the mistake of sealing the entry points of possum once they locate it.

However, sealing the entry points without checking the possum can be a mistake. When you seal the entrance while possum remains inside your house, you invite them in. They may start residing inside the roof cavity, ground holes, or trees inside your premises.

Don’t make such mistakes and rely on experts for possum pest control Brisbane. Get your property inspected by the specialists and let them safely perform possum removal.


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