After over a year of Zoom hangouts, we’re seeing normalcy in our line of sight, so it’s time to hang out with the boys. Now, you can go out to a restaurant for a good meal or maybe catch a ballgame. However, there’s nothing better than a night in just to chill and catch up on life. Be sure to make a solid pick for your reunion with the guys this weekend, and enjoy having this lifeline back.

A Little Gaming


Throughout the pandemic, you may have held steadfast with your friends on the virtual battlefield in games like Apex Legends. Take an assessment of your Apex tier list to see who has the best artillery to be the beast of the hunt. S-tier weapons are the best in their class, putting an enemy team up against the wall, while A-tier weapons do less damage but also help you be the best teammate you can be.

It could be good training for the Apex Legends season and making sure that your crew has the ultimate ability to act as a united front. After all, you’ll want to make sure you are all in the right hands as you prepare to enter the arena for a new season and rank among the top Apex teams across the globe.

Break out the Chips


Sometimes all you need is to get the boys together and break out the poker table for a few hands. Be sure to choose your guests based on the amount of space you have so that people can sit comfortably and snag each other’s loot through the evening. Lay out some snacks and get out the booze for the engagement to share some laughs while you try to bluff your way to each other’s money.

If you’re feeling ambitious, invite a skilled player to set your sights on the best loot. Don’t grapple with having a wingman or two on hand to get in on the major competition if you go this route; it could get you out of a tight spot. You’ll actually enjoy yourself just as much sitting at the table and joking around as you will with competitive play.

Taking the Edge Off


While you could just grab a couple of six-packs and lounge with some beers, you may want to go a different route to cooldown. If you’re a little bit hesitant about marijuana use, be sure to look into products that deliver relaxing qualities without the obvious smoke. Delta North, focusing on the delta-8 compound of the hemp plant, has designed products like gummies, a popular pick, to get the most of a “legal high” to keep you from blowing a fuse or burning out.

Delta-8 is created through a compound called CBGA in the plant’s life cycle. It’s designed for relaxation, not so much a trip as some strains of marijuana. The key is third-party testing to clear these products of any residual herbicides and pesticides that can be harmful to the entire team.

Throw on a Movie


If you’re not ready to head back to the fray of a movie theater, take advantage of a home theater to enjoy some of your favorite movies. Get some clues to the group consensus for some favorite flicks, break out the snacks, and push play on a strong pick that everyone can thoroughly enjoy. Be sure to host this at a home with the best abilities to keep everyone comfortable while they watch.

If you all can’t agree on a movie, look for a TV show that you all have enjoyed watching together in the past. Worst comes to worst, you could look for a late game to have on while you all catch up. At the end of the day, what matters most is getting back together with the guys and enjoying each other’s company.