Photographers create with assets of observations and perceptions

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21st May, 2015
A Portfolio is a section of an individual artist’s professional/personal work that is relative to the clients requirements.
A client likes to see that the photographer/artist has the “depth of portfolio” or experience required to confidently commission the artist. This is the creative worker’s Curriculum Vitae.
Many artists these days use PDF, book, showreel or an online display.  Here is an example of Blaininc’s slide show portfolio selection from 2015
Exhibitions and “bodies” of work can also be individually tailored to include information about a certain project.   Here is an example of a project portfolio from Circa 2000.

To commission a photographer: view the portfolio, communicate, agree on the subject matter/creative approach. Once the commissioned project begins – allow the creative process to unfold.
Photographic commissions are a combined collection of client and artist’s observations, requirements and perceptions.
Blain Crellin is a professional photographer currently based in Melbourne, Australia.
Photo: ‘Bolte Bridge’, Melbourne Australia.
Client: Transurban City Link