permissive or restrictive- australia’s gambling laws compared to other western countries

Gambling is enjoyed by many people worldwide, both at land-based and online casinos. Each country has its gambling laws. In Australia, the authorities have amended the laws several times over the years, and you should be familiar with them.

While some forms of betting are considered legal in Oz, some are not. Online pokies and bingo are some of the country’s legal gambling games, and operators can offer them without incurring penalties.

Are Australia’s Gambling Laws Permissive or Restrictive?

Unlike in western countries, the Oz gambling laws are considered restrictive as there are many regulations and prohibitions associated with them. The Federal Government is responsible for imposing the betting’s rules and regulations.

The government changed the laws to protect its people by putting the Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) 2001 in place. It aimed to stop the negativity the country was getting from online betting. With the law, the government could enforce stricter gambling rules within the country.

Currently, there are restrictions regarding online casino betting and card games, especially for poker providers. The government made further amendments in 2016 and 2017 to clarify the law.

Why Impose the Laws?

Many people believed that offshore betting providers were exploiting Aussies. Many Aussies are vulnerable and at risk of such operations, which leave them neck-deep in debts. It is why the government wishes to protect its citizens.

However, the country has also faced opposition to these federal laws, as people indulge in online betting. They worried that these platforms would be banned, having a negative outcome to what the government intended. Players could end up at untrustworthy betting sites if the government forbids the legitimate ones.

Can Aussies Still Bet Online?

Yes, Aussie gamblers can still enjoy betting online. The laws didn’t prohibit players from playing casino games from home. It is legal for Australians to enjoy gambling from their homes at online casinos across the globe. If they win, they don’t have to pay taxes on their winnings, which is the online casino providers’ responsibility.

However, the IGA states that online casinos are prohibited from offering poker, baccarat, blackjack, and roulette in Australia. Also, adverts about a chance to win real money are not permitted.

The UK vs. Australia’s Gambling Laws

UK betting rules are more permissive than the rest of the western countries and Australia. It is among the best nations with the best jurisdictions around Europe regarding policies’ transparency, ease of acquiring a license, and customer protection. Therefore, offshore betting companies can easily access gambling services from the UK, provided they follow the rules and laws.

Another thing that demonstrates how permissive the UK gambling rules are in the UK Gambling Commission. It licenses and regulates betting providers across the world. It is, therefore, clear that they don’t restrict betting as much as Australia does.

United States Betting State Laws

It is up to the states to devise their rules regarding betting within their boundaries. Therefore, betting legality depends on your state. Betting is legal in 48 states, excluding Hawaii and Utah. Some states like Nevada have legalized gaming. It is even considered the heart of the betting business in the US. Unlike in Australia, the US gambling laws are relatively permissive.

New Zealand Betting and Online Casinos

Over the years, online betting has become extremely popular in both Australia and New Zealand. Both these countries fondly refer to slots as “pokies.” You will find these pokie machines in pubs. Pokies are some of the most played games in NZ and AU for numerous reasons.

Firstly, they are easy and straightforward to play as they don’t require you to have any experience or skill. Secondly, pokies are fun to play and come with great graphics, storylines, and soundtracks. Also, there are progressive online pokies with massive jackpots that can turn you into an instant millionaire.

In Conclusion

Although Australia’s betting laws are currently restrictive, things are getting better as years go by, and they might start loosening up with time. The good thing is that these laws have the players’ interests at heart.