Foorin team E Artist

World’s children dancing the “Paprika Dance”!!

With a strong belief in “Spreading the unity from Japanese children to the world’s children”, the English version of “Paprika was released.

The song that is becoming the most successful us.

Kenshi Yonezu, the Japanese number one singer-songwriter, whose song “Lemon” ranked top music charts in Japan for 2 consecutive years, has become the Japanese artist with the most viewed music video.

The same Kenshi Yonezu, produced the children team “Foorin” and its song “Paprika”, in a project aiming to support all people rising to challenges in 2020 and the further future. The song music video reached more than 1.7 billion views, with related videos achieving a total of more than 3 billion views as well, which made it a social phenomenon making kids all around Japan dancing with the song played. This, in turn, contributed to winning Japan’s most prestigious award “Japan Record Awards” and leading to big movement among children as well as adults.

Foorin team E

Foorin team E is a music unit made with English native children. Members include Main vocal Jasmine (age 11), Corban (age 8), and Backing Vocals & Dance Len (age 12, Chorus and Dance), Evangeline (age 12) and Clara (age 7). 

“Team E” represents the English native team. Their official artist name is “Foorin team E”.


KENSHI YONEZU (a.k.a hachi)

Singer-songwriter, illustrator born in 1991

In 2018, Yonezu wrote the song “Lemon” for TBS Friday TV drama “Unnatural”, which became a great success in Japanese music history. This song became the annual top song of the Billboard JAPAN chart for two years in a row. The music video of this song was played more than 5 billion times and it was certified as the “fastest song in history”, witnessing 3 million downloads.

In September 2019, Yonezu released “Uma to Shika”, sold 1.2 million sales (total of physical and digital sales) right after its release, topping the Billboard Japan charts for 10 weeks, breaking several records.

kids’ hit song in Japan is turning to be a global hit song, with “Paprika dance” being performed by the world’s people to beat Corona.

With its main theme being “Let us be together”, 「Paprika World Video」 is delivering smiles to people, while the world is fighting COVID-19. The song is gathering unprecedented popularity and an enormous number of views on YouTube, with comments like “World’s children smiles make one feel good”, “It offers power at these hard times”, and “The chorus part is perfect for children’s handwashing time”.

“Paprika” world video starts with Foorin team E departing the Shibuya scramble crossing in Tokyo and then dancing with Mt. Fuji in the background. It also features children from 29 different cities and 27 countries including our country. The Paprika dance is shown in iconic sceneries of each country and this reminds us of the beauty of each country. The catchy song and its catchy “Paprika dance” are easy to remember if you watch it once. It is a must-see! The children’s powerful performance with smiling faces from our country   encourages