monsta industries take face mask fashionable

Monsta industries take the face mask fashionable, By bringing in these fantastic 4 layer face masks.

They offer full-face covering, washable, filter pocket, adjustable, Unisex, adult and unique patterns

The main facts :

P Care Fabric Mask with filter pocket

P care plus 4 layers protection – We use four layers of fabric, including cotton & Muslin to create a washable cloth face mask.

Matching plaids piece by piece – The fabric mask is manufactured with elaborate patterns.

Filter design – You can insert a filter paper into the mask for use. MASK+FILTER = Double filter!

To protect you from germs.

Plus+ new pattern design – the size fits all face shapes. It fits over your nose, mouth and chin to provide basic cover and protection.

Plus stopper – plug stopper hands-free item to adjust the ear loop.

Black cotton muslin – cotton muslin layer for more protection which makes it more comfortable.