out of hours emergencies: three scenarios and who can help

Everyone goes through a crisis at some time or other. Whilst there’s never a good time for one, it’s always worse when it’s during unsociable hours. It could be that something needs fixing urgently, but the shops are shut and the workmen have gone home for the evening. A person may be desperate for advice, but be unable to speak to the usual people.

Some crises occur at night and can’t be left until the morning. The challenge is to find someone to speak to right now, and who is available to come. This article discusses three different crises, and suggests who might be willing to help.

When You Get Locked Out

Because door locks are designed to provide maximum security, they often become locked as soon as they are shut. All it takes is a strong gust of wind, and you could find yourself standing stranded in the garden. Sadly, it’s never wise hiding a spare front door key nearby; someone could find it and break in when you’re not around. A rarer scenario is where people own a safe but mislay the key to open it.

In Australia, over 51% of people own two or more vehicles. This increases the potential for people to lock themselves out of their cars. Fortunately there are emergency locksmith services, such as Action Lock, in many areas that are available 24/7. In addition to opening the door, they are also able to replace the locks (whether it’s for a car, house door or window or safe) and even to install deadbolts.

When A Tree Becomes Dangerous

You might have a tree in your garden, and hear a sudden crash during the night. Perhaps it has got struck by lightning, and it’s now dangerously leaning towards your house. Alternatively, large branches could now be suspended ominously above your roof. This could pose a serious risk to your home and its occupants, be they humans or pets.

Some people do their own home renovation during their free time. In some cases they make trees unstable by dislodging them. If one becomes a concern, it could affect the neighbours’ property too. In many cases there are tree services that operate out of hours. For a fee they can come and assess the situation, and take any required action.

When You Have Plumbing Or Electrical Concerns

In cold weather pipes can burst, causing flooding and house damage. Water doesn’t mix with electricity, and no one wants to have collapsed ceilings and written off possessions. It can take time and money rectifying such issues.

Sometimes people have power outages. Their generators may fail, and the fridges and freezers may risk losing their contents. Alternatively there could be the smell of burning. The lights could be arcing, and there might be sparks coming from electrical sockets.

None of these issues should be left overnight. There are many plumbers and electricians who are prepared to come and help. Whilst they will charge more than their usual day rates, it’s worth the extra money to protect your home and your family.

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay