Mount Gambier Riesling

ottelia 2019 mount gambier riesling

A new wine label with a lovely cellar-door in Coonawarra (Fodder) with over 30 years of winemaking experience behind it. John Innes has made wine for many companies and is, now, making it for his own family business.

Ottelia is named after the native waterlily that grows on his and his wife’s vineyard about an hour south of Coonawarra. Being cooler than Coonawarra, white grape varieties grow brilliantly here. This is a delightful wine with superb purity of fruit. Think lemons, limes along with elderflowers, lemon blossom and a touch of feijoas.

The palate is light, dry, super fresh with a delicate, long finish. It reminds me of a young ballet dancer walking on a tight rope – the balance is superb with such an elegant structure. If you buy a case of this wine and forget to drink it – don’t worry.

It will age beautifully for at least five years. The fresh citrus aromas and flavours will change to preserved and dried citrus notes.

Drinking now, it will be great for sitting outside on one of the rare sunny days that Melbourne gets during Autumn or with your favourite pan-fried white fish or any meze or tapas.

Where to buy it? Best bet is the winery

Happy drinking

ottelia 2019 mount gambier riesling