Decluttering is a process where you have to physically and mentally let go of your unused items. But once you look at the state of your house after decluttering, you would feel incredibly proud of your hard work and decisions.

If you want to start the journey of decluttering your home, follow the seven helpful tips mentioned below! You will achieve a clean and simple house in no time. Keep on reading to know more about these tips.

Create a schedule.

Decluttering a home won’t take 30 minutes to accomplish. It requires systematic scheduling and enough time to work on each room. It’s customary that you schedule at least one hour for an average room.

You might prefer to do it all in one day. Still, as mentioned above, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially since you have to decide which items to throw, donate, and keep. Thus, it would be best to divide the tasks or area into chunks and do it over the weekend or the course of numerous weekends.

If you live with other people, it would be best if you and other homeowners worked together to declutter the house. Brainstorm with them which time they would prefer to start, the duration, and who would be in charge of a room. Don’t forget to write the important details discussed to increase the chances of homeowners’ sticking to the schedule!

Invest in a storage unit.

Do you have numerous things you want to keep but no place in your home? Then you might want to consider investing in a storage unit! Today, many units come in a variety of sizes. There are numerous storage units today with a 24/7 CCTV and strong lock in each unit.

If you live near Osborne Park, Australia, then you may have probably heard about Ezi self storage perth location. You can opt for personal storage or single item storage (perfect for occasional use items). Of course, there are other well-known storage units in Australia that can undoubtedly protect and store your items.

Keep items that you only used in the past year.

Have you been reassuring yourself that maybe you’ll use the item you bought in the future? Well, this mentality can do more harm than good to your home. When you keep purchasing stuff without a purpose and gather dust in your home, the money spent on that item can eventually become waste.

Thus, if you haven’t used a piece of technology, clothes, beauty products, books, etc., in the past year, then now is the time to make some hard decisions. Additionally, asking yourself if you’ve used it within a year helps make it easier to determine which items you have to let go of.

Say goodbye to duplicate items.

Are you guilty of having duplicate items? We sometimes forget that we have purchased the same items and have multiple stocks of the same item at home. Duplicate items are another significant source of clutter in a home.

To enhance the look of a home, get rid of items with the exact duplicate. It is particularly true for things like batteries, lightbulbs, etc. Be sure to donate. Sell, or store them in a storage facility if you’ve evaluated that you won’t need them anytime soon.

Donate Instead.

Instead of throwing away or selling your things, consider donating them instead. The deed is beneficial to you and those who will receive the item. Until today, numerous homeless individuals are left on the street to suffer through changing seasons. With the help of the things you won’t need, you may be changing your life and a person in need of your items.

Utilize the Four-Box Method.

Purchase four boxes and label them with the words: relocate, trash, keep, and give away. As mentioned above, focusing on one room can make your work efficient. Thus, when you work in a room, place the four boxes in the room.

Be sure that you don’t skip any item and place every item in the room in the box. It is so that you can monitor how many things you want to relocate, throw, keep, and give away. No matter how insignificant the item may be, be sure that you follow the rules of the method.

Practicing the four-box method when decluttering can take up to days to months, but it will help you carefully decide and know what to do with the things in your home.

Take a before and after picture of your house.

If you’re discouraged about decluttering your home, taking before and after pictures can significantly help you feel better. You could also take photos in the middle of decluttering to document your progress. Take photos of the whole room, the cabinets, and the items you have decluttered.

You can see the outcome of your hard work by doing this. Also, it helps encourage you to keep on going and maintain the simple structure of your home.


With numerous items in the house, it’s possible to feel suffocated and stressed by the number of items. A home can be hard to be in when you see things outside their storage space. Thus, decluttering is a must to help you efficiently organize your home since there is less to clean.

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