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west australian music announces the felix burrows music residency programme, and welcomes our first musician in residence

West Australian Music (WAM), in partnership with the City of Melville and Goolugatup Heathcote announces the establishment of a dynamic new artist residency programme; the Felix Burrows Music Residency. This exciting new program will offer two three-month residencies per annum, providing talented Western Australian musical arts practitioners with a fully equipped studio space at Goolugatup Heathcote.

Thanks to the Felix Culpa Fund and the Fremantle Foundation, each resident artist will also be offered $5,000 to assist them with the creation and development of new work whilst in residence.

The residency programme has been named in recognition and remembrance of Felix Burrows. Felix was a beloved local musician, playing drums in bands such as The Feast of Snakes and Darling Rangers. He was also a prolific visual artist and passionate force in the local cinema community. Since his tragic and untimely passing in 2018, Felix’s life and artistic work have been continually celebrated by friends, family and peers. The Felix Burrows Music Residency forms a fitting tribute to the legacy and creativity of this generous, energetic and widely-loved local artist.

The residency program marks an exciting artist-first development at WAM and represents the first music-oriented opportunity within the artist residencies at Goolugatup Heathcote.

Georgia Kennedy, Strategic Relationships and Development Manager at WAM, said: “The Felix Burrows Music Residency program offers an outstanding career development and support opportunity for West Australian contemporary music practitioners of all disciplines, and WAM is delighted to be able to offer it to WA artists for the first time. We have equipped a beautiful studio space here at Goolugatup, and our residents will have a range of musical and recording equipment available to assist them in the creation of new work. We are incredibly grateful to the City of Melville for how enthusiastically they have embraced the idea.

I also offer my thanks and respect to the Felix Culpa Fund, the Fremantle Foundation and Felix’s mother Rebecca Champion for allowing us to create this wonderful opportunity in remembrance of Felix Burrows. We know each of our residents will be honouring him through the work they create whilst in residence.”

The Felix Burrows Residency program is an important strategic initiative that supports the achievement of our mission. It is anticipated that there will be significant interest in being one of the resident artists.

The inaugural resident artist selected for this first residency is Sophia Hansen-Knarhoi. Sophia is a composer/singer songwriter based in Boorloo/Perth, who has recently completed her degree at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in Music Composition and Technology. Sophia is a self produced artist creating ethereal ambient folk and experimental work with lyrical poignancy. She is a vocalist/cellist/guitarist/sound artist, working collaboratively through performer integrated sound design for theatre, dance, film, and contemporary art.

The Felix Burrows Music Residency is for artists working across all areas of music. It provides funding and facilities to support the development of their work, set within an arts centre based in one of Perth’s most beautiful locations that will no doubt be a source of inspiration to all. Two residencies will be available each year between April and October, and expressions of interest will be sought from individuals at all levels of experience. A panel will select the awarded artists based on a range of criteria. No fixed outcome is required by the program.

Expressions of Interest from artists and creatives for the next residency period (1 August – 31 October 2024) will open on Friday 24 May. The application form is available here.




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CHKLZ: From Canine Love to Worldwide Music Career

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CHKLZ stands out not just for their sound but for their heart. DJ iLL Choppo and LeMarshawn Jean, the duo behind CHKLZ, found inspiration in a small white dog named Charlie. Rescued on a scorching Fourth of July in Phoenix, Charlie, or “Chuckles,” became the muse for their mission to build a musical community that transcends boundaries and embraces everyone. Discovered on a sweltering Fourth of July in Phoenix, Charlie, affectionately called “Chuckles”, inspired the duo’s commitment to creating an inclusive musical community. LeMarshawn Jean came up with the name CHKLZ as a unique homage to Charlie.

At the core of CHKLZ is a lively, fun-loving spirit, not only as individuals but as artists, a quality that infuses their music and electrifies their live performances. The essence of CHKLZ’s sound—rich, intricately layered rhythms enhanced by live effects—draws heavily on DJ iLL Choppo’s two decades of experience as a touring drummer. Their meticulous integration of live percussion and FX ensures each show is a unique, vibrant experience, epitomizing their Groove Fiesta genre.

During their tour with the heavy metal band Okilly Dokilly from 2018 to 2022, CHKLZ performed in 36 US states and 20 countries, charming audiences with the hit “White Wine Spritzer”. This fan favorite became the anthem of their shows, creating memorable nights and packed venues.

A pivotal moment in their career came with their performance at Friendzy Fest 2023 in Alberta, Canada. Initially expecting an early slot, a fortunate turn of events placed them in a prime nighttime slot, catapulting them into the spotlight. This serendipitous scheduling significantly boosted their festival, out-of-state, and headliner bookings. The success at Friendzy Fest was a turning point, amplifying their international presence and allowing their dynamic live performances to reach a wider audience.

As CHKLZ accelerates toward an exhilarating lineup of shows in 2024, they extend a warm invitation to both loyal fans and new listeners to join in on the ‘Pawesomeness’ that defines their journey.

CHKLZ Socials

Spotify     SoundCloud      Facebook      Instagram      Twitter     YouTube

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Beldon Haigh Drops the Ultimate Anthem ‘World Got So Dumb’!

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Music lovers and rebels at heart, buckle up because Beldon Haigh is back with a bang! Their latest single, ‘World Got So Dumb’, is here to shake things up and become the soundtrack to your revolution. If you’ve ever scrolled through your news feed and thought, “Seriously?!”, this track is your new best friend.

‘World Got So Dumb’ is a party for your ears and a wake-up call for your soul. Beldon Haigh is taking on the world’s madness head-on, with lyrics that’ll make you laugh, cry, and want to change the world all at once. This is your invitation to join the coolest club around: the one that’s all about rocking out while giving a big middle finger to the powers that be.

Imagine the best party ever, where the DJ spins a perfect mix of ska, reggae, and rock, and you’ve got ‘World Got So Dumb’. Justin Skelton shreds on the guitar, sending electric vibes through your veins, while those juicy saxophone lines make you feel like you’re at a live gig right in your living room. With Fiona Lynch and Lindsey Cleary’s vocals, Kevin Jefferies’ thumping bass, Dru Baker’s keys and horns, Jimmy Green’s epic guitar solos, and Jon Howells’ killer drumming, this track is a full-on sonic explosion.

Beldon Haigh isn’t just about the music—they’re about making you think. Known for their hilarious yet biting political satire, they bring humor and insight to their critique of the world’s biggest goofballs. Whether they’re wearing masks of Kim Jong Un, Trump, or Putin, they mix theatre with rock in a way that’s uniquely theirs. Their viral social media posts and worldwide fanbase are proof: these guys know how to stir the pot.

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Stefan Schulzki shares his unique brand of R&B and soul in new single “Specially Designed”

stefan schulzki shares his unique brand of r&b and soul in new single

Renowned German composer, producer and performer Stefan Schulzki has just unveiled his latest musical gem, “Specially Designed”. The track, a fascinating blend of romanticism and chill R&B/soul vibes, marks a significant addition to Stefan’s growing repertoire of cinematic pop hits.

A true maestro in the world of music, Stefan’s journey began in Augsburg in 1970, where he discovered his passion for melody at the tender age of six. Influenced by a diverse array of musical genres, ranging from pop and prog rock to hip-hop and classical music, Stefan’s artistic vision has been shaped by the likes of The Beatles, Beethoven and Prince, among others.

With a career spanning over two decades, Stefan has garnered acclaim for his work as a composer and producer. His previous singles, including “Conclusion”, “Friday Afternoon” and “Great Without You”, have captivated audiences with their introspective lyrics and soul-stirring melodies.

“Specially Designed” serves as a testament to Stefan’s evolution as an artist, showcasing his knack for crafting immersive musical experiences. The track transports listeners to a bygone era, with its lush instrumentation, evocative lyrics and stunning lead vocals by Jae Franklin painting a vivid picture of love in its purest form.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the single, Stefan shares, “‘Specially Designed’ is a ‘70s-influenced R&B tune about a beautiful moment shared by two lovers and the awareness of its singularity and transient nature.”

As Stefan continues to work on his forthcoming album, “Specially Designed” stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to artistic excellence. With its mesmerising melody and heartfelt lyrics, the single is poised to captivate audiences worldwide, further solidifying Stefan’s status as a musical virtuoso.

Stream “Specially Designed” here:

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Alex Winston’s New Track ‘Special Feeling’: A Captivating Indie-Pop Journey

alex winston's new track 'special feeling': a captivating indie-pop journey

Photo credit: Matthew Libassi


Detroit-born singer-songwriter Alex Winston has once again graced us with her musical brilliance in her latest single, ‘Special Feeling’. This indie-pop treasure showcases Winston’s unique voice. A beautiful song where it’s hard to tell where her voice ends and the music begins – they simply become one.

‘Special Feeling’ delves into the relatable paradox of craving recognition while fearing vulnerability. With introspective lyrics and captivating guitar melodies, Winston explores the artist’s struggle in a way that resonates deeply with listeners.

Having already garnered critical acclaim for her debut album and notable collaborations, Winston’s career is marked by versatility and resilience. Despite facing setbacks, her dedication to music remains unwavering.

The third single from her highly anticipated upcoming album, ‘Special Feeling’ perfectly embodies the album’s theme. With this track, Alex Winston is set to reclaim her place as a leading voice in indie-pop.

More from Alex Winston: Instagram – X

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Okayracer Unleashes Thrilling New Single ‘Okayraver’

okayracer unleashes thrilling new single ‘okayraver’

American artist Okayracer is shaking up the electronic music scene with his latest release, “Okayraver”. This track is a bold testament to his ever-evolving sound, blending the deep rhythms of house music with the raw intensity of underground rave culture. Influenced by the introspective electronica of Radiohead, the raw edge of Vince Staples, and the boundary-pushing creativity of Travis Scott, Okayracer creates something unique.

Wielding a helmet and a chaotic proclivity for the allure of sonic adventure, Racer endows us with an exploratory repertoire: a journey into the artist’s mind where introspective lyrics dance with pulsating beats and glitchy samples harmonize to create a kaleidoscope of sound.

“Okayraver” represents a significant shift for the artist and this new direction showcases his versatility as the talented artist he is. He ventures outside of the realms of hyperpop and electronica, to show us there’s no genre he can’t master.

Racer’s music is as much for listening to as it is for experiencing. Racer’s live shows are a whirlwind of electrifying energy, with Racer intrepidly taking ownership of the stage and commanding the audience. From co-headlining sold-out shows at Trans-Pecos with Robopup, gracing the stage at Amityville Music Hall with poptropicaslutz!, to electrifying sets at the Mercury Lounge and the Dumb Days Music Festival, Okayracer’s live performances promise the audience a captivating experience that is, at once, a great time.

Follow Okayracer for more: InstagramTikTok

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empire of the sun: astral wizards of electro-pop announce ask that god australian tour oct-nov
  • Australian alt-electro pioneers Empire of the Sun confirm Ask That God Australian Tour

Frontier Touring are psyched to announce the multi-platinum astral wizards of electro-pop, Australia’s own, Empire of the Sun ‘Ask That God’ Tour for this October & November.

“Australia we’re coming home. Empire cannot wait to see you all. Get ready, this is gonna be a wild ride as we embark on a journey unlike any other Empire has been on. New record, new show, new era, let’s go!” – Luke Steele

The visionary Empire of the Sun return with a kaleidoscopic holistic live show kicking off at the Hordern Pavilion, Sydney on Thursday 24 October, before Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne on Saturday 26 October then onto Riverstage, Brisbane on Tuesday 29 October before a west coast show at Red Hill Auditorium, Perth on Friday 1 November.

Frontier Member presale kicks off Tuesday 28 May 12noon local time ahead of tickets going on sale Thursday 30 May from 1pm local time. Tour and ticket information

“The melding of music, visual art and dance had us transfixed…. We were enchanted by the magic that is Empire of the Sun. Alongside the packed theatre of people, we became privy to a bit of magic” – FutureMusic Mag

“The sound in the grand old Enmore was sublime, the light show as glitzy as you’d hope, and the dizzying array of outfits and dance moves from the dancers kept us on our toes.” – TheMusic

“This wasn’t just a display of the band’s musical talent, but a clear exhibition of their creativity and an example of what a very specific vision looks like when it comes to life” – Silver Tiger Media

“…can only be described as a musical odyssey.” – Scenestr

On Friday 26 July, Empire of the Sun – Emperor Steele (Luke Steele of The Sleepy Jackson) and Lord Littlemore (Nick Littlemore of PNAU) – release their fourth studio album and first album in eight years with Ask That God. The new album features the propulsive first single ‘Changes‘ and the hypnotic disco laced groove of the addictive second single ‘Music On The Radio‘. Ask That God released via EMI Music Australia, pre-order here.



Empire of the Sun, the visionary Australian electronic duo comprising Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore, have been making waves across the world with phenomenal live shows and anthemic smash hits for the last decade as one of Australia’s most successful musical exports.

With Steele’s background in The Sleepy Jackson and Littlemore’s founding role in PNAU, the duo embarked on a sonic odyssey that has captivated audiences worldwide. Since their emergence, Empire of the Sun has transcended boundaries, blending alternative electronica with mesmerizing visuals to create an immersive musical experience unlike any other.

Their seminal debut album, Walking On A Dream, which the musicians described as “a spiritual road movie” spawned iconic singles ‘Walking On A Dream’ and We Are The People‘. The critically acclaimed second LP, disco-pop Ice On The Dune featured ‘Alive and ‘DNA’ and saw the band tour the world. Third LP Two Vines, saw the band welcoming guests like Lindsey Buckingham, members of David Bowie’s band from the Blackstar sessions, and Wendy Melvoin from Prince & the Revolution and featured singles ‘High And Low’ and ‘Way To Go’.

Their chart success extends far beyond their native Australia, with their albums achieving multi-platinum certifications across the globe. In addition to their commercial triumphs, the duo has garnered an impressive array of accolades, including eight ARIA Awards, two APRA Awards, and an APRA Billions Award. With over 5.5 million albums sold globally and a staggering 7.6 billion streams, Empire of the Sun’s impact on the music industry is undeniable, solidifying their status as icons of the electronic music genre.


Don’t miss the electrifying Empire of the Sun this October and November!

Presented by Frontier Touring

Runs 24 hours from: Tuesday 28 May (12noon local)
or until presale allocation exhausted

Begins: Thursday 30 May (1pm local)

Thursday 24 October
​Hordern Pavilion | Sydney, NSW
Lic. All Ages
​On sale: Thursday 30 May (1pm local)

Saturday 26 October
​Sidney Myer Music Bowl | Melbourne, VIC
Lic. All Ages
​On sale: Thursday 30 May (1pm local)

Tuesday 29 October
​Riverstage | Brisbane, QLD
Lic. All Ages
​On sale: Thursday 30 May (1pm local)

Friday 1 November
​Red Hill Auditorium | Perth, WA
Licensed 13+*
​On sale: Thursday 30 May (1pm local)

*Persons 12 & Under are not permitted. 13-17 year olds are permitted if accompanied by a guardian and must remain with them at all times.

Patrons are advised to purchase tickets only through authorised ticket sellers.

We cannot guarantee any ticket purchase made through any means other than the official ticketing agents listed on the Frontier website.

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Mitchell Coombs Adds Dates Nationally To Meet Demand

mitchell coombs adds dates nationally to meet demand


Fans simply cannot get enough of comedian, podcaster and content creator Mitchell Coombs and his acclaimed, award-winning stand-up comedy show Water Off A Duck’s Clit. With shows sold out in Sydney and Darwin, dates have been added in Sydney and Adelaide to meet the demand for tickets.

Hailing from Bogan Gate in regional Australia, Mitchell has been ranting his pants off for years in his viral videos and popular podcasts (Is It Just Me?, Trash Alley and Not My Cup of Tea). The now Sydney-based creator, host and producer has cultivated a large and loyal audience across multiple social and streaming platforms and now boasts a combined online following of 600K, with views well into the tens of millions.

Before becoming a social media superstar, Mitchell spent over five years earning his stripes in digital comedy, creating hilarious content for hit radio shows including The Thinkergirls, Jo & Lehmo, and Mike E & Emma, as well as the ratings-topping KIIS Breakfast show, The Kyle & Jackie O Show.

When Mitchell branched out to bring his cynicism to the stage in his 2022 debut stand-up show, the ‘unfiltered and off the record’ LIVE – Can Ya Stand It?!, the show received cracking seasons, a ‘Best Newcomer’ award and audience rave reviews at Sydney and Melbourne Comedy Festivals.

His 2023 follow-up, Water Off A Duck’s Clit, a more personal show with a focus on mental health, sold out and added shows before going on to pick up the judges’ top prize for ‘Best Comedy’ at the 2024 Newcastle Fringe.

If you’re a cranky bitch, listen up.

Mitchell Coombs, known for chucking tantrums over his petty gripes, has begun to embrace a new era of comedy focusing on letting things go – as he would say, like “Water off a duck’s clit.”

That’s not to say ranting has been banished… Some small stuff is WORTH sweating.

Mitchell explores the challenges of choosing your battles, leaving grudges in the past and finding humour in the darkest of places.

Put your clits together for the ever-funny, ever-crass Mitchell Coombs as he takes this  show back on the road for a limited encore season. With two shows already sold out and two added to meet demand, don’t miss Mitch in Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin and Adelaide – all shows are on sale now and selling fast!

VIDEO: Mitchell Coombs – Live at Sydney Comedy Festival

FOLLOW Mitchell on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube

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Can You Swap Parts Between RC Vehicles?

can you swap parts between rc vehicles?

Welcome to the nerve centre of the radio control (RC) universe, fellow enthusiasts. In this deep-dive blog, we are taking apart the thrilling puzzle of interchangeable parts in RC vehicles. Like a chess match, building an RC vehicle is a game of strategy. Each part is comparable to a chess piece; some are flexible and versatile while others have specific, defined purposes.

The Foundations: Key RC Vehicle Components

Let’s consider the fundamental components that constitute the essence of your RC machines before anything else. Essentially, RC vehicles are a complex interplay of various parts, such as motors, batteries, electronic speed controllers (ESCs), transmitters, and receivers. Where each part might seem unique, they are merely puzzle pieces waiting to find the right spot in your vehicle.

Balancing Act: Performance Versus Safety

Choosing the correct components for your RC vehicle is like tuning a musical instrument. The interplay between parts is crucial for both performance and safety. For instance, a mismatched motor and battery could lead to overheating and compromise your vehicle’s performance. This understanding is your golden key to unlocking the potential of each swap you’re about to explore.

The Game of Swapping: What Plays Nice?

Ready to shake things up? Here’s the lowdown on which parts in your RC vehicles can be swapped without a hitch. Think of these parts as loyal LEGO pieces; they might be designed for specific sets, but they fit into various configurations.

Motor Madness: Power Up with Flexibility

One of the most commonly swapped parts on an RC vehicle is the motor. You can increase or decrease your vehicle’s speed and power by choosing motors with different turns or ratings. If you’re into fine-tuning, ESCs are also fair game. ESCs not only control the speed but also the direction of the motor, opening a plethora of swap options to match your driving style. Be sure to look through alternatives from reliable companies like RC High Performance Hobbies.

The Incompatible Equation: Parts That Don’t Mix

Like chocolate and onions, some RC parts are not for swapping. Each model and brand have proprietary components that don’t jive well outside of their original assembly. Take, for example, the radio system—transmitters are calibrated to communicate specifically with the brand’s receivers, ensuring a secure connection and smooth operation. Attempting to swap these with competitors’ components is often a recipe for disaster.

Knowing the Limits: Pre-Swap Checklist

To swap or not to swap—that is the question you must ask yourself before spinning the spanners. Familiarise yourself with your vehicles and their components. Prior research and reading the manual are your best allies. Look out for specifications and compatibility lists provided by manufacturers. Additionally, joining forums and communities will expose you to the wealth of knowledge and experience of your peers. Remember, a good swap can transform your RC vehicle, much like a superhero outfit. But a wrong swap can leave your prized possession running like a hairdryer in a snowstorm.


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YouthIt has established a “precision nutrition” program to promote the well-being of individuals

youthit has established a

Starting from “precision nutrition”, YouthIt carefully selects high-quality global ingredients, conducts in-depth research on family health trends with high standards, and creates a series of innovative health products, including YouthIt Bilberry Complex, YouthIt High Strength Cranberry 65000, Youthit High Strength Fish Oil, and more.

“Six-in-One” Compound Formula for Precise Supplementation of Eye Nutrition

In the internet era, spending extended periods of time staring at electronic screens has become a common occurrence, causing considerable strain on many people’s eyes. his strain often manifests as symptoms such as dryness, redness, fatigue, itching, soreness, swelling, and declining vision. To address these issues, YouthIt Bilberry Complex adopted an innovative “six-in-one” compound formula, breaking through the limitations of previous single blueberry-based products. Centred around the principles of “repair and protection” and guided by a commitment to precision, this formula combines six essential nutrients for eye health, creating a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce free radicals, filters blue light, and nourishes the macular region.

Meanwhile, YouthIt Bilberry Complex strictly adhere to the recommended golden ratio of 5:1 for lutein and zeaxanthin, as recommended by the AREDS2 American Eye Research Center. The capsules utilize a more absorbable form of lutein, the free-state small molecule lutein, which is more bioavailable than lutein esters. This ensures that the eyes receive more scientific and effective care from the capsules.

youthit has established a "precision nutrition" program to promote the well-being of individuals

Inhibit bacterial infection and protect private health.

50% of women will experience urinary tract infection in their lifetimes, and 25% of women will relapse within half a year after infection. The risk of infection during pregnancy is five times higher than usual. This serious health problem in women’s private parts cannot be ignored. To precisely address women’s private health concerns, YouthIt High Strength Cranberry 65000 have been born.

The core of YouthIt High Strength Cranberry 65000 lies in its high concentration of cranberry extract, which is rich in Type A proanthocyanidins. These proanthocyanidins are currently recognized as the most effective natural antioxidants for eliminating free radicals in the human body. They not only reduce bacterial adherence, inhibit bacterial attachment in the body and excrete them from the body, fight infections, and protect intimate health, but also provide nutrients for the skin, making it look younger. By truly achieving internal balance and external nourishment, women can present a natural beauty from the inside out.

High-purity fish oil protects the health of the heart and brain

The majority of people cannot consume deep-sea fish at least 2-3 times a week, so it is difficult for them to get enough Omega-3 in their diet. This has led to an increasing number of people choosing to take fish oil supplements. Studies have shown that continued consumption of adequate amounts of fish oil may help address various health issues, ranging from rheumatoid arthritis pain to high triglyceride levels. However, to achieve these effects, the purity of the fish oil is crucial. A study published in the official journal of the International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids, PLEFA, indicates that only fish oil with an Omega-3 purity of over 80% exhibits more pronounced therapeutic effects and excellent safety after consumption.

YouthIt has launched its Youthit High Strength Fish Oil, which boasts a purity level of up to 96%. This product utilizes small Peruvian deep-sea fish species, far removed from pollution sources and heavy metal hazards, ensuring purer origins and greater peace of mind for consumers. Additionally, its rGT-type structure enhances the absorption and utilization of the fish oil. The independent panel packaging design effectively preserves freshness, resisting oxidation and moisture, and providing convenient portability.

YouthIt has always leveraged its locally unique and pure treasures, selected quality ingredients from around the world, and adhered to high standards and quality pursuits to create a series of widely trusted health products. More importantly, YouthIt regards national health as the strategic commanding height of brand development, steadily implements the product philosophy of “Precision Nutrition, Originating from Australia”, and continuously promotes “Precision Nutrition” into every household.

In the future, YouthIt will continue to increase its investment in research and development for precise nutrition, promote its deepened development, and strengthen its market layout with a diversified product matrix. The company will strive forward to help the public transition from “conventional nutrition supplementation” to “precise nutrition.”

Company: Yarra Vibe Pty Ltd
NAME: Zoey Huang
Phone: 0425 570 209
Country: Melbourne, Australia

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