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NSW Travel Guide | Top Things to Do in Byron Bay



Planning to go on vacations to Byron Bay? Count yourself lucky, very lucky! This place has emerged as the ultimate tourist destination with its sandy white beaches that seem to stretch for miles. It’s also a place where you’ll find wind-calm beaches when others are wind-strewn… Byron Bay offers so much fun and excitement close to the water and also away from it. Want to know more? Read on.

Hit the Waves

Byron has emerged as a popular surf town, with the beach as long as your eyes can see, so there’s room for everyone. All those who love surfing can go for car hire to reach the place. Many companies here offer daily surf lessons, in a group and private. If you know surfing you can rent boards in the surf shops and hostels in town. Experienced surfers mostly hand out in its south-east corner, so unless you’re one of them, try to keep some distance.

Watch the Whales

Have a whale of a time when people think of travel Australia, they often think of coral reef, sharks, and surfers. Byron Bay has all that, and something more that’s really huge and remains a hit no matters how much you’ve experienced it.

As they migrate, Humpback whales from Australia’s east coast pass just off the coast of Cape Byron making it one of the hottest whale watching spots in this part of the world. While you can bring your binoculars, those with good eyesight can easily see these giants frolic and enjoy their time just a few hundred feet offshore.

Experience Nimbin

Australia’s hippie town. When visiting Byron Bay, you should make it a point to visit Nimbin. It’s a small hippie town just an hour drive from Byron Bay. It was a tiny unknown country town until 1974 when local government arranged an alternate lifestyle festival here. It was a huge success and many attendants decided to stay in Nimbin, thereby laying the foundation of an alternative lifestyle that’s so popular there today. Suck in education from “The Hemp Museum” and shop clothes from “BringaBong” and buy homemade magic muffins from the old lady that walks around the street to sell them. 

Moreover, get a car hire from a local company is the best option when visiting Nimbin, as you’ll be able to visit many destinations here within a short time. 

Take a Tour to Cape Byron Lighthouse 

Be the first one in Australia to get a view of the sunset-Cape Byron is also the easternmost point of mainland Australia. If you can get up early, you can be the first one to watch the sunrise in the morning. The lighthouse at Byron Bay is 18 meters high and was built in 1901. The lighthouse and its linked walking track is the best place to watch migrating Humpback whales

Get wild with Byron’s spectacular nightlife

Byron Bay is backpacker’s paradise. The town has so many campus bars, hostels and treehouse accommodation like the Oasis Apartments and Treetop Houses. Also, most of them allow shop-bought alcohol. The most popular one is the Cheeky monkeys. During the day, they host quiz competitions, sell food and various other activities. By night, it turns into a happening night club, and its tables become amazing dance floors!

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