Night Songs by Natasha Moszenin

Night Songs By Natasha Moszenin
Night Songs Poster FINAL 2018
Night Songs By Natasha Moszenin
Night Songs By Natasha Moszenin

Night. The unguarded time.

Solitude and memory.

The mind unleashed, drifting.

Do nothing.

I watch my breath … and hold on.

What do you think about, when you’re alone, in the dark?

Night Songs is a collection of beautifully evocative and lyrical jazz-based songs that explore the stories created by the mind when we’re alone … at night … in the dark … without distractions.

It’s impossible to stop thinking, not even meditation or medication can silence the relentless chattering that generates a whirlwind of thoughts, memories, feelings and emotions in a never-ending stream of consciousness.

Even amongst the anxiety and sleeplessness there’s always time to yearn for connection on Facebook too!

Written and composed by Natasha Moszenin.
Vocals by Jai Luke, Claire Nicholls and Lara Vocisano
Piano by Natasha Moszenin
The Butterfly Club
5 Carson Place, Melbourne
16/02/18 – 6pm
17/02/18 – 7pm

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Praise for Natasha’s previous work The Insomnia Project:

“The songs are heartfelt, moving, and very well-written ” — Melbourne Treats review

“The Insomnia Project is a truly unique work and one of the really outstanding shows this year. ” — Planet Arts Melbourne

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