Every car enthusiast must know his machine through and through before taking it out for a spin, especially on a dragstrip.

Hands down, Drag racing is one of the most thrilling experiences that come with the ownership of a high-performance vehicle. And that’s not where it ends.

With great power comes great responsibilities. And car maintenance is one of them!

You might be treating her as your queen and she might as well throw tantrums at you. Imagine what a throttle bursting drag race would do to it?

For a smooth, exhilarating racing experience, here’s a list of major mods to make your ride fit to lead the Drag track without breaking down.

1. We ‘start’ with the engine

Talk of drag racing and torque wins the deal.

While your car might be really powerful as you run a train down the road from work to home, to compete in a drag race, you’d need to unleash the maximum.

The best thing is, it’s possible. A turbocharger and a performance air filter to boost the air-flow, resulting in quicker combustion. This means that your ride picks up quicker than ever.

A turbocharger can really give you a powerful head start to help you end first.

Also, you can further boost your car’s performance by tuning the air filter to deliver more air per combustion cycle. This will consume more fuel but will significantly boost the initial pickup.

2. Shred extra weight

The lighter the body, faster the speed. We all know how it works. And then there is so much metal on every car.

Shredding down some unnecessary weight will be a great idea for any sort of race.

What you can do is look at the tips below.

  • Replace rims with alloys (PS: alloys are way lighter than conventional rims)
  • Use a lighter exhaust system (if it’s adequate and has a good performance)
  • Remove the spare tyre
  • Get rid of the rear seats
  • Don’t get a tank full. Keep the gas as low as you can. Just enough to keep the EFI running.

3. Upgrade the Brakes

While your regular Honda or Bybre brakes might be doing great for regular rides, racing needs some solid strength.

High-performance car manufacturers make sure that the braking in their machines is spot on. And by spot on, I mean SPOT ON!

So, what can you do?

Get the best brakes out there. Because safety > money. Always.

If you need suggestions, Brembo brakes are perfectly suitable for situations where you need a strong braking system. For example, races.

For further information about drag racing, you can also have a look at the Drag Racing Event in Victoria organised by Paul Sera of Radial Life, which is a premium racing-inspired clothing brand.

Final words

No doubt, a drag track is a wonderful ground for car enthusiasts to redline their motors, but at the same time, upgrades and mods are needed to compete.

While newbies might find it difficult to choose the right mods, with this post, we tried to make it easy for them.

Here, you read about some important mods to prepare your ride before you hit the track. Not to forget, car tyres have to be chosen depending on the category that you are competing in.

We hope this was helpful.