new music: innovative vocalist and experimental artist charlotte roberts shares new single ‘grandad song’ – an ode to everlasting familial bonds

NEW MUSIC: Innovative vocalist and experimental artist Charlotte Roberts shares new single ‘Grandad Song’ – an ode to everlasting familial bonds


Innovative vocalist and experimental artist Charlotte Roberts shares new single ‘Grandad Song’ – an ode to everlasting familial bonds

“Charlotte Roberts’ off-the-cuff compositions hold one foot in the sea of music and the other on the shore of art.” – Broader Lines

Staunch experimentalist, Charlotte Roberts creates expressive art-pop for healing, celebrating, processing and imagining. Her impressive vocal range is artfully deployed as an extension of her own body and mind, channeling her inner child through improvisational and reactive sound-body-movement sessions which form the basis for her work. Last month, Charlotte released her first single of 2020 with the mesmerising track ‘Dreams Are Made Of’ and is ready to reveal her second instalment ‘Grandad Song’, taken from her forthcoming album Incantations due for release in 2021.

Out via Ditto today, ‘Grandad Song’ is a prime embodiment of Charlotte’s intuitive approach to writing and creating music, drawing upon her acute sensory memory, to recreate feelings of joy and nostalgia through using her voice as instrument. ‘Grandad Song’ rehashes cherished moments Charlotte shared with her Grandad over the years, paying particular attention to the intimate everyday idiosyncrasies that were unique to their relationship: competitive whisky poker games, tickle-traps and horse bites, falling asleep on his lap, and bonding over homegrown veggies. As a result, the single is rich with an inviting warmth that envelopes the listener in endless comfort.


“This song is a celebration of my love for my Grandad, his love for me, our relationship, and the gloriously loving and beautiful creative human he was. Cheeky to his core, he had a few jokes that had swear words and some of them used to be in this song; but we went for a more subtle approach with some of what he used to say! (and I think my grandmother would be mortified if I put out a song with some of those things, as, he was truly a gentleman, as she reminded me after I played her the more explicit version a few years back!)” – Charlotte Roberts

Charlotte Roberts’ first album Stay In Your Power (2019) fit the description of her as “what would have happened if the Mad Hatter and Alice had a kid.”  Stay In Your Power introduced a completely new stylistic approach that captured the attention of the industry far and wide. Her improvisational practice has seen her recognised by all realms of the creative world including community radio, theatre, art and festival programming. Charlotte’s second album Incantations is slated for release in early 2021, and is a vocal and loop based album, drawing on the breadth of the voice as an instrument. Now in its final trimester of gestation, the record will feature stacked harmonies, nature sounds, textural sounds, rhythmic play, beat boxing, soloing and the continuous interweaving of these elements.

‘Grandad Song’ is out now via Ditto
Spotify / iTunes / Apple Music / Bandcamp

Composer, vocalist and producer Charlotte Roberts
Audio engineer, mixer and producer Joe Hammond
Mastering Stepford Audio
Lyric Video Charlotte Roberts

Grandad Song Lyrics
Your eyes are in the carrots, your heart is in tomatoes
And everything you eat from there will help you grow, 
Will help you grow-ee-o-ee-o-ee-o-ee-o

I spy, with my little eye
Something beginning with ‘L’
Cos grandad told me a secret, and held out his hand
Pointed to his five fingers, so I tried to understand

He said L is for life long partner
L is for long night sleep
L is for loopy loopy laughter
And L is for the Hell-ll-ll-ll-thy food that you eat
And then, as soon as grandma had left the room
Grandad would pull me aside and say;
“Charlotte, make sure you play the field”

L is for love, love, love, L is for love, above
Above all else, love yourself 

Your eyes are in the carrots, your heart is in tomatoes
And everything you eat from there will help you grow,
Will help you grow-ee-o-ee-o-ee-o-ee-o


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