a new kind of music
Dan Vogl

Melbourne’s music scenes continues to flourish, away from the draconian lock outs other states have so quickly adopted, on any given night you can stumble across any number of local musicians treading the boards in any number of watering holes. 

Melbourne’s Dan Vogl is one such musician, whose star is just on the rise, with his latest single If I Die, ready to launch. Produced by non other than Guus Hoevenaars  of the Scissor Sisters the song lures you in with its bold soulful lyrics and holds you there with its catchy chord progressions that continue to ring long after the final hum. TAGG spoke with the young musician about the single, inspiration and what makes Melbourne such an awesome city to create music in.

How would you describe your music style, and who are some of your biggest influences?

I would describe my sound as a mix of Indie/Rock and Folk. I am influenced by so many different genres of music some of my favourites include City and Colour, Mumford and Sons and Crowded House.

Tell us the story behind “If I Die“. what does the song speak of?

“If I Die” is about an internal struggle around the ideology and concepts of religion and how people are raised to believe in stories or traditions dependant on their surroundings. It cries out for a greater knowledge of the world and to see outside the box that certain beliefs can trap you in.  

What makes Melbourne music scene so incredible, is it the artists, or the setting (our city), or both?

I believe that the Melbourne scene is full of people who truly give a damn about maintaining a strong community. The streets, the artists, the venues, the weather, it all combines to produce a buzz of creation and excitement.

When did you know you wanted to be a musician, and why?

The first ever concert I attended, I was front row at  Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in ‘07. I was teaching myself how to play guitar at the time and it flicked this incredible switch inside me to pursue music. Ever since I can remember music has always been something that fully encapsulates emotion and expression in my eyes.

Having already teamed up with some pretty incredible names, who else would you love to collaborate with?

Some of the best experiences I have had in music is collaborating, jamming and hanging out with other musos. Within Melbourne, I would love to play with and learn from guys like Paul Kelly, Dan Sultan or Chris Cheney

If you could give one piece advice for other musicians, what would it be?

Take your time in producing the best possible music as possible. You only have a tiny opportunity to capture someone’s attention so make sure it is your best work. Also to get off the couch or computer and go to as many gigs as possible, getting out and meeting as many people as possible can create so many great opportunities that an email can’t.

Dan’s single  ‘If I Die’  is launching at The Gaso Upstairs on Thursday 27 July for more info click here