StrataInc. HeroImage
StrataInc. HeroImage

‘Privilege-Hunting Season Has Begun.’

North of Eight presents its second World Premiere this November with Strata Inc. by Laura Lethlean and Faran Martin.

Filled with acerbic wit and unforgiving scrutiny, Strata Inc. plays at The Burrow in Fitzroy from November 20 to December 8.

Frank Strata, successful investment tycoon, is dead. Suddenly his son Andrew is set to inherit Strata inc. and all the perks that come with it: whisky, stunning views, the corporate tracksuit… But before the ink dries, the previously impenetrable CEO’s office is taken captive by a caped crusader. Enter Lysa, the other Strata heir, and she is not leaving until her father’s legacy is unapologetically obliterated, whatever the cost. Fire fights fire in this brazen, funny and unflinching war against entitlement.

In a world that sees people for all of their value and none of their worth, must we all become worthless to become equal?

Lethlean and Martin pitch status against progress, gender and family, and ask whether we can ever truly be selfless in the pursuit for equality.

“Power can get to us all,” Martin said. “The power play in relationships has historically been gendered, and now with women making up half the workforce in environments that were never created to accommodate them, the power play extends to whether that space is allowed at a fundamental level by employees and organisations, and the passionate discussions around the need for dramatic versus gradual change. The play ultimately looks at all the things that hold power over us, as flawed human beings, and what we do when we feel we gain the upper hand, or what we do in situations where we’ve always expected to have it.”

Strata Inc. is created by Laura Lethlean and Faran Martin, produced by Mark Salvestro, and stars Siobhan Connors, Jordan Fraser-Trumble, Jessica Martin, Pat Moonie, Mark Salvestro, Jessica Stanley and Phoebe Anne Taylor.

STRATA INC. Presented by North of Eight

November 20 – December 8, 7:30pm
The Burrow: 83 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065

Content Warning: Strong Language, Sexual References, References to Death, Depictions of Day Drinking and Outrageous Corporate Greed. // Instagram: @no8collective