I cannot believe that tomorrow I start the #NaNoWriMo challenge. After all, I’m in the middle of moving house. I have a novel I’m readying to submit. I have another in draft form on my desk and three more in the planning stage. How can I even think to take on something else right now? I must be barking mad!


Here’s why – if I don’t take the challenge, TWERK may never get written. Not with all of my other projects demanding my attention. I’ve had ideas for this novel for about two years. I’ve planned and story boarded it three times. I have the characters, the plot, the research all done. I’ve figured out a new setting and another plot twist. There is nothing stopping me smashing this one out in one month other than the fear of not finishing it before I move.

What is spurring me on is a little voice telling me this might be the most popular book I’ll ever write. It’s based on a flash fiction piece I wrote, that was snapped up by Backhand Stories. Here’s TWERK.

Wish me luck!


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