Muster Times #20

muster times #20
munster 20 final cover

Letter from the Editor


Now. We reached issue 20. Just thought I should say that again in case you didn’t see it on the cover. When I started this was I was 18 I never thought I would still be doing this many years later, let alone reach issue 20. I though life would get in the way, you know the great Australian dream whatever the fuck that is, a real job or a serious drink problem would get in the way. I dunno what the great Oz dream is (and I don’t think I wanna find it) I have a real job and I also have a drink habit (I’ll wait till I hit 30 before it becomes a problem) but I’m still here. I’ve never had a heroin addiction but I feel doing this zine is the same thing. I feel lost when I’m not doing it, there are times when I rarely leave my room I can have mood swings with people. I’ve never stolen someone’s VCR to feed this but I’ve probably spent the same amount of money on this that a junkie would use over a three-month period Id spend on this zine and i never regretted a cent spent.

As time goes on Munster has become the main focus on me life. It’s been a lifeline for me. So many brilliant friends I never would have met. If I wasn’t doing this of course id still be gigging and buying records but would probably be standing at the back by myself getting pissed and my only contact I would have is when I ask for a light. It’s been very good to me this zine it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. About a year ago I kinda lost the spark to do this, no real reason just my heart wasn’t in it, that didn’t last long and I now am more determined than ever to see that Munster lives on. This is a life sentence. I can’t stop even if I wanted to. Please hit me or take my beer away if I talk of stopping.

Even for the most part me and Amy are the only contributors I still say Munster is a team effort. All my mates plugging me by promoting me on the net or just telling a mate what I do is what keeps this going and makes it all worthwhile. As I tell everyone you keep reading it I’ll keep writing it. An example of Munster being a team effort is in this issue me mates Billy Loki Suzi and Lou teed up interviews for me. It’s not lost on me that I’m so stoked and humbled people think I’m worthy of interviewing such brilliant people.

Many thanks to Mick Batty for the issue 19 launch party and the Black Stypes and Submarines for the gig. Thanks to TIm Richmond for showing up too. And to Bec Anthony for having me on a zine panel as part of Melbourne Music Week. It was so humbling to be able to talk about my life’s work in front of 100 people including my parents. And I loved that every person that showed up late was a mate of mine. Love you guys.

And of course I need to thank my team. First team member is Taryn who I worked on for Munster 1 and 2. I remember so many days in her backshed drinking cheap piss and smoking whatever we did. We accomplished fuck all but loved her company. Also, Simone who I met round Munster 4 who became our first on going outside contributor. Her writing always knocks me on my arse and inspires me to get better each time. Our most recent member Helen Theviking, our wise northside friend who delivers Munster to places I’ve never even been to. Beautiful wise soul you are Helen, onya. But biggest thanks to our main member Amy, who has done twelve front covers and made it look all nice and appealing to everyone. She’s an amazing artist who does a hard slog for us and she does it ‘cause she loves her craft of course but also cause She’s a fan of Munster and believes in what we do and that makes me feel fucking ace. Recently over a meeting she also has me a foot up the arse when it comes to me writing and cause of her peep talk I need to create more so thanks for the inspiration Ams. Oh, and Amy, never ever ask a pisshead if we should have one for the road, you/ll learn one can become four very soon. The pisshead being me of course.

muster times #20
Matt, Fall Army Dingley Vice Secretary

I was never here to be liked yet I feel like I wanna all hug you, even if that goes one way.

Oh and remember when I said I was gonna boycott CUB? Yeah lasted two hours? DON’T JUDGE ME.

And finally, I’d like to say onya to my sister Amber and her partner James on their new arrival. Onya to little Ezra Elliot Judd, I’m gonna call you Blag. And good luck to you on cleaning up all the stuff people like me; your dad and ma are responsible for. And also, sorry for all the shit TV your ma is gonna expose you to. I swear when your old enough I’ll have the Father Ted DVDs on standby.