Munster Times #19

munster times #19

Letter from the Editor 19

Now, while I was gone, Roger Rogerson finally got what was coming to him. The evilest cop ever with a body count we may never know. And he wasn’t even a Queensland cop. I lost money on that bet. After I write this think it’s Blue Murder time. I can’t watch Rake as Richard Roxburgh needs to use a phone book in ever role he has from now on.

But I’d like to be serious for a second. Carlton United Breweries, we need a word. No, don’t get up, this won’t take long. You have disappointed me with this scandal of underpaying and generally being a dick to your workers. As someone who was named best drunk for 2015 by Fred Negro I think I know a thing or two about beer. It tastes good and is good for you are two thigs I know. I have given you a lot of free advertising over the years by plugging your delicious products but I’m here to say as of today, (August 19 2016) I won’t be drinking your product ‘til this situation is resolved. I bet a crack and have a Melbourne, probably while I edit this article the next day. I’m a weak-willed piss head DON’T JUDGE ME.

Oh, yeah, we had an election. I didn’t get my Munster Party up and running in time. With One Nation getting a few seats it would have been the perfect time for me to launch a lunatic fringe party, and I missed the boat. Of course, my platform would be to help people and not try and alienate people because we are different in some way. No wonder I didn’t get any support.  That’s it, no more political talk ever again. Well one more topic, Sir Joh was a cunt. Joh, from the bottom of my heart, rot in hell Joh.

And finally, some humble pie. We would like to say sorry to our friend Johnny Kicks for any offence he took out of the comments made by him during our Bane Marie’s interview. Johnny has been a loyal supporter to Munster and we wish him no will ill. John, any offence caused we apologize. I saw that interview Mike Sheehan did with Mark ‘Jacko’ Jackson where Jack reviled he wished Mike would have gotten cancer during his playing days. Wonder if anyone will wish the same faith on me? I have potted Beat and Jerk Store zine over the years (I like JS but they beat me to that title). Time will tell I guess.

Ah fuck, one more thing on politics. Council election is coming up, if you live in St Kilda, vote Nick Haines. Top bloke (for a crow’s supporter) loves live music and generally wants to make a difference in this town. He ain’t some flog that wants this job so he can give out planning permits to his mates in high places or patter his pension, he is just your usually punter that wants this town to be better, for everyone, not for this own well-being on for his wallet. Nick, good luck, we’re cheering for ya.

Matt, or as Biggys called me on the radio, Dingley Matt.