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Moving From Melbourne To Phillip Island? Here Is What You Need To Know.



The most beautiful thing about Phillip Island is its Penguin parade, and we know you are already excited as you are moving from Melbourne to Phillip Island. But trust me, there are many things Phillip Island has to offer, including wildlife, pristine beaches, and a charming community of people who love farming. That is why Phillip Island is also listed as one of Victoria’s most popular tourist destinations.

But since you are moving from Melbourne to Phillip Island, there are many things to know and consider alongside the popular tourist attractions. The distance between Melbourne and Phillip Island is around 142 kilometres, and it takes just a couple of hours to drive from 1 point to another. 

While moving from Melbourne to Phillip Island, you will hire one of the best Phillip Island removalists who can help you with the transportation. We will also guide you in how to hire the best removalist while moving to Phillip Island. But as of now, let’s talk about what Phillip Island has for you.

Things To See And To Do In Phillip Island

If you are longing for walking through the endless coastlines, visiting seaside villages, and being part of some adventurous motorsports, Phillip Island is the perfect place for you. Alongside the land and sea, you can also explore abundant wildlife, including Penguin parades, the colony of fur seals, migrating birds, and many more.

Here We Are Listing The Top Attractions In Phillip Island That You Cannot Miss:

Churchill Island: Churchill island is a unique tourism attraction offering a range of farming activities and natural attractions. If you have ever dreamed of visiting a heritage farm, Churchill island is the place for you.

Cape Woolamai Beach: This beautiful beach is among the popular places to visit on Phillip Island. You can behold the view of the waves against the backdrop of the rocks at this beach. This is also one of Victoria’s most popular surfing beaches.

Seal Rock: Imagine how wonderful it would be seeing hundreds and hundreds of seals under perfect sunny weather with a calm sea. Seal rock is an ideal destination and is also a home for more than 25,000 fur seals.

Koala Reserve: Phillip Island koala reserve allows you to explore koalas up close in their natural habitat. You can come face to face with koalas. It is an ecotourism attraction and plays a vital role in saving the population of koalas in Phillip Island.

Penguin Parade: Phillip Island is known for its Penguin parade. It is home to the largest penguin colony in the world, and you can experience the magic of looking at these fantastic seabirds waddling home from the ocean.

How To Choose The Best Removalist To Move From Melbourne To Philip Island?

We know we have fueled the fire of your excitement of moving to Phillip Island by letting you know about some attractive places to visit. But there is a little stressful phase you have to go through while moving your home from Melbourne to Phillip Island. Hiring a professional removalist can take away all the burden of transporting heavy items and furniture. However, choosing the right removalist is essential.

Let’s look at some of the most important things to consider while choosing the best removalist in Phillip Island for your move.

Transparent Rates: Moving house is always an expensive experience. But if you want a value-for-money removalist, you have to be a little mindful. Choosing the cheapest option always is not safe as you might always be prone to damage your belongings in transit. Cheap removalist companies also can have hidden charges that they might quote at the end of the service. Make sure to choose a removalist company with no hidden fees.

Accuracy: A professional removalist will always mention the amount of time they need to move. They will also provide you with an accurate estimate of the goods they’re moving. Make sure that your removalist considers various job factors during the estimate process, such as loading and unloading. Paying attention to those details will save you a lot of money and time.

Professional Customer Support: Apart from offering reliable removal service, it’s also essential to understand how they treat you before moving. Always be attentive to the company’s attitude towards their customers and their belongings. Choose a friendly removalist who is also professional.

While moving from Melbourne to Phillip Island, you need affordable, experienced, and professional Philip Island removalists who are insured and have years of experience. If you want to find a superior service with great value for money, we can make your upcoming move smooth and stress-free. To know more, visit our website and call us today.

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