Modern Tourism: Problems and Solutions

modern tourism: problems and solutions

Modern tourism is an opportunity to see new places and any country on the planet. The main nuance is the availability of money, visas, and equipment if you go on a hike. Experienced tourists already know the most common problems and are ready to solve them. But what if you’re a beginner and don’t know anything about what dangers await you? Here are the most common problems and solutions.

Bad Weather

There are many countries and regions where you cannot trust the weather forecast 100%. The fact is that part of the forests, mountains or even ordinary cities are in the zone of increased meteorological activity. This means that you can witness heavy rain for five minutes. After that, the sun will rise, and it will be very hot. Or the weather can surprise you in the form of hail.

Tourists should study information about the region and take the necessary equipment so that bad weather does not become an obstacle to new places and pleasant impressions. If you are going to climb a mountain or spend the night in the forest, you need to stock up on food, a place to sleep, a first aid kit, and warm clothes. Study the variability of the climate in a particular region and bring a raincoat or tarp.

Lack of Infrastructure for the Camp

Another problem concerns campsites or places where you can usually stay overnight. If you do not have the opportunity to book a hotel or relax in nature, you can buy a tent. Another option is to have a car. If you buy a roof top tent, you can organize a sleeping place that will be comfortable and safe. But this purchase requires careful selection. You should read the roof top tent guide beforehand. This will help you spend your money wisely and travel in comfort.

Injury or Illness

If you get injured in the city or feel unwell, then this is not a problem. It is enough to go to the hospital or call an ambulance. But what if you are alone in the forest or another deserted area? You should definitely buy a first aid kit and add all the important drugs. This is especially true if you have a chronic medical condition. It is best if you have a remedy to accelerate the clotting of wounds and cuts. Then you should think about first aid while the rescuers are rushing to help you.


Another problem concerns communication and internet connections. If you are traveling far from civilization, you are unlikely to see communication towers or radio points. If you have enough money, then you can buy a satellite phone. Then you will be able to contact the rescue service, friends, or relatives almost without problems.

You should also have a smartphone or tablet for GPS navigation. But maps and a compass will be an additional safety net if all modern gadgets don’t work. Try to memorize the compass and navigation principle on conventional maps so that you do not have problems with orientation on the ground.

Visa Problems

There are situations when problems await tourists at the stage of a trip or flight. Try to sort out any visa issues before buying tickets. There are also several countries where tourists do not need to apply for a visa or just pay a small amount right at the airport to move freely.

If your flight is canceled or you forget about legal formalities, you can always choose an alternative option. Go to a country where you do not need to spend time processing permits or travel around the territory of your homeland. It sounds trivial, but if you spend at least 30 minutes studying the details, there should be no visa problems. At least you can immediately opt-out of certain countries and routes.

The ID Loss

Loss of documents is a serious problem. If you forgot your wallet or your belongings somewhere in your country, then you can always solve the problem relatively quickly. But if you are abroad, then you should immediately contact the police. Report that you have lost your ID. Do not forget that a tour operator can help you if you ordered transfer and travel services in any territory or country.

Also, you always have the opportunity to contact the consulate and request confirmation of citizenship. Another life hack concerns electronic documents. Take a photo of your ID so that the police can verify the unique ID against their database or contact the consulate of your country directly. This will facilitate all legal formalities. These simple tips seem trivial, but they will prevent you from a lot of unpleasant situations. Besides, you will be able to pull yourself together on time and ask for help. Your journey will now be safer.