Millions of us fill our smartphones with our favorite games, messaging tools, and other apps that we find particularly useful. Yet, there are also some interesting mobile app genres that you might not have come across yet. What are a few of the categories you might like to check out?

Sports Betting Is Now More Flexible

Betting on sports is something that used to only be possible in physical bookmaker shops or racetracks. This changed with the introduction of online betting sites that now allow people to place their bets on the internet. This industry has since expanded in mobile apps, giving an even more flexible approach.

Top betting apps like the William Hill option give access to the latest odds on sports such as horse racing, football, and boxing. It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store, with live streaming and advanced in-play scoreboards keeping you up to date with the action as it takes place.

Productivity Tools Make You More Efficient

The business tab on the Play Store and the productivity tab on the App Store both bring up a long list of apps that can be used to help you work more efficiently. The options range from cloud storage with Dropbox through to Adobe Scan and communication tools such as Google Chat and GoToMeeting.

All of these varied apps mean that we can now work online on a smartphone or tablet without missing out on any of our usual office tools. Anyone who works remotely should take a few moments to consider which of these productivity apps are likely to suit their needs. It is one of the factors that could see mobile devices replace computers eventually.

News and Magazines Keep You Informed

You can stay up to date with the latest news stories and opinions without ever buying a newspaper or magazine again. A look through the relevant apps section brings up a wide range of choice for both Android and iOS users.

Among the big-name outlets that offer their own news apps, we can see the likes of the Wall Street Journal, BBC News, and CBS News. Generally speaking, these apps are free for you to download but you may need to pay a subscription fee to fully access the stories on some of them.

mobile app genres you might not be aware of

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Simulators Let You Try New Things

These apps simulate all sorts of situations, giving you a chance to easily access a new type of experience on your mobile device. They range from Solar Smash, which simulates the destruction of a planet, to a multi-player car parking simulator.

If you want to drive a truck or fly a plane, there are apps like Truck Simulator and Airline Commander you can download. Other titles let you create food, design a city, or run your own store. They are typically free to download, but with the option of paying to remove ads.

All of these different categories show us that there are now mobile apps out there for just about any type of person, regardless of their interests.

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