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MIND MATTERS – March 30, 2020 



A compromised immune system aside, stress is undoubtedly the #1 factor when it comes to lowering immunity. As we are all obviously undergoing an immensely stressful time – this is a great time and opportunity to actually get a healthier body, mind and spirit.


Try to keep to a reasonably healthy, nutritious protocol – lean proteins preferably with an accent on vegetable-based.  Keep in mind: over 100 grams of animal protein daily due to it’s PRAL (Potential Renal Acid Loading) Factor (acid-producing) can lead to bone loss. Therefore, eat food with a focus on legumes, leafy greens and vegetables, a bit of fruit and lean proteins – fish chicken & beef. 

Brekky for me this morning consisted of a blueberry shake made with water and pea/rice protein blend with added marine collagen and essential greens including kale and spinach. 

Lunch will be 3 Tbsp of cooked brown rice, some diced mixed veggies: tomato, capsicum, cucumber, spinach and about 50 grams of tinned salmon with a dressing of olive oil, ACV & mustard. 

Dinner tonight yummy! Fried brown rice with Thai herbs plus ginger and garlic. Plus diced onion and capsicum, grated carrot and zucchini and sliced purple cabbage. 

Foods with added sugar or non-foods such as bread and pasta should be minimised plus in my view, cow’s milk is a hormone drink made for baby cows and should be avoided generally. 

*In the west we suffer from osteoporosis due to calcium loss from an acidic, processed diet too high in grains and animal protein and lack of vitamin D – as opposed to lack of calcium. 

I take supplements daily anyway fish oil, Tumeric plus I make sure I take immune-boosting Vit D and zinc. 1000 units of Vit D is plenty, don’t be fooled by over the top USA strengths. Some people are overdoing it! 

Take regular exercise – I have a mostly everyday regimen of push up and sit-ups plus I have broken out the Dancercise DVDs usually reserved for winter or if I can’t get to the gym! Remember there is a wealth of great workout stuff on Youtube but do watch for this over the top, high impact, routines with a lot of jumping to change positions as they are very hard on the knees anyway and not great if you are unfit. 

If you smoke? Don’t! And if you would like a HypnoFit Quit Session via Zoom online – please reach out anytime! Reprogramming our Super Conscious Mind makes quitting easy, effective and quick!

And of course, this is a great time to lay off the booze and even have a mild liver cleanse by taking some Swedish bitters eg in place of that whisky and ice – I use a cap of Swedish bitters with a squeeze of lemon or lime topped up with mineral water as a great substitute!


Watch caffeinated drinks too much coffee etc especially if you are not getting out as much and working off the caffeine, otherwise, you will feel stressed out and worse pump out unnecessary cortisol which will eg increase blood pressure  

Substitute with adrenal loving licorice or soothing camomile. I love the tea blend with licorice and aniseed called Black Adder – but I realise it is a love or hate thing! 

Or take a supplement containing such adaptogenic herbs as ginseng, Rhodiola or stress easing lavender but chat to a naturopath or herbalist such as me first to ensure you are taking something appropriate for you. 

Have a great daily laugh – watch your fave funnymen on Youtube. I take mini work breaks by checking out quick Graham Norton clips. 

Exercise again! I try to start with my sit up and push-ups routine first thing and get it over and down with – then a dancercise for 20 minutes or so. In the afternoon, weather permitting I take my favourite walk which includes a very big hill to puff up! 


I don’t know of any great teacher or guru who doesn’t recommend meditation. It is as simple as laying down on your bed and breathing in love and breathing out peace. Just allow any thoughts that intrude on your mind to be as leaves blowing into a garden and out again. Or check out podcasts or Youtube for great guided visualisations. 

Transcendental Meditation is proven to protect telomeres (our body clock DNA chromosome tips) even during chemotherapy. It is that powerful. I don’t know why it isn’t offered as a mainstream therapy to help in times of duress. It makes sense that regular meditators have that air of peace and youth around them. 

Hug your family, your pets and your trees. Tree hugging is actually a great grounding exercise. Or just stand in a garden preferably barefooted, close your eyes, arms outstretched and breathe in and out for 10 seconds plus. Be aware of feeling your feelings and any sensations from the sun on your face or a puff of wind. Slow down and absorb the loving vibe of Mother Earth. 

Be Well & Blessings 


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