This truely has been the best Australian Merlot I have drank since the early Irvine Grand Merlots.
Good dry red nose, in the mouth classic French Merlot fruit, ripe without being over sweet, some warmth. Ripe fruit hints mid palate, light to mid weight with seductive tannins on a long finish.
This wine is rather elegant in an old world style, I think the body and tannin in this wine will let it age gracefully.
At the end of the day this is just a well made wine. There has been a mix of four clones new to Australia, go into the making of the 2015 to give this wine a real European Merlot character.
I have said it time and time again, it is a pleasure and a privilege to drink good wine, and it is a real treat to drink a good Australian Merlot.
As for myself I think Merlot is over looked as a serious wine.
And at $65.00 a bottle, I think it may just get overlooked by a lot of drinkers yet again. (what a shame)
The back label states; this wine wants to become a new bench mark for Australian Merlot.
As a wine drinker I think you would be short-changing yourself if you did not try this wine sooner rather than later.

I personally enjoyed and rate this Merlot amongst Australia’s best.

Michael Lillis

the Rot has set in.

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