memorial day gifts for your loved veterans 
Memorial Day Gifts For Your Loved Veterans 

Memorial Day is all about remembering the sacrifices of countless soldiers over the course of generations.  Showing true support and respect for the service given is best served by showing love and support for the veterans who are still around.  

Memorializing the loyalty and valor of men and women of the past can be complemented by appreciating those you know who served and came home alive.  Take a moment to check out  a few excellent memorial day gifts for your loved veterans, and take action to show your appreciation.  

Clothing that means something

Buying someone a shirt for a gift seems pretty run-of-the-mill, but a shirt that has a higher purpose and meaning is worth every penny spent.  For a veteran that was injured in the field of battle, a shirt that represents and honors their experience means everything.  

Pair the special shirt with a personally written letter expressing just what your veteran means to you, and you’ll have a meaningful gift that won’t soon be forgotten.  

Ammo Can gift set 

Gifting a pint glass is a common thing, but what if you gifted a set of pint glasses in an authentic ammo can with a personalized message engraved?  

Storing your personalized pint glasses in a .30-caliber ammo can screams awesome, and any seasoned vet would love to have such a thing in the kitchen.  Pair this gift with a mini keg of their favorite beer, and you’ve got a winning combination.  

Soldier’s Creed coin holder 

Your closest veteran may have a vested interest in their collection of challenge coins, and you would be right on par getting them a gift to help display their prized collection.  A well-crafted soldier’s creed coin holder could be the perfect contribution. 

A shelf that is crafted into an American flag with the stripes of the flag being used as storage space for the precious coins will show your veteran just how much you respect their history.  

Digital activewear is useful

If the veteran in your life is working to remain active and fit now that they no longer serve in the military, a helpful piece of technology could be a stellar gift.  Consider getting your favorite veteran a wearable piece of technology that will pair well with their favorite physical activity.  

If they love to swim, a wearable fitness tracker that is waterproof will be very useful.  Show your loved one that you respect their efforts, and provide a gift of support.  

Army vs Navy chess set 

Finally, veterans love to pass idle time with a great game.  Try purchasing an intricately designed Army vs Navy chess set to spice up game time a little bit.  Some rivalries never die, and an Army vs Navy chess set is just the mechanism to help keep traditions alive.