Melbourne’s Blues music community “Playin’ For A Cause”


“There’s no problems, only Solutions”  

John Lennon “Watching The Wheels Go Round”

On Saturday 3rd August, several blues bands have donated their time and will be “Playin’ For A Cause” at Newport Bowling Club from 3pm. Along with the phenomenal talent of Lloyd Spiegel, Jesse Valach and the Testaments, Blues Roulette, Dan Dinnen & Shorty, T.K. Reeve & Band, Bitches Brew, Julian James and Steph Fischer-Ivansky, there will be silent auctions with some phenomenal prizes!

This is Linda’s fourth year involved with putting this fund raising event together for Anonymous X – a charity that delivers clothing, toiletries, sanitary items and those day-to-day things we all take for granted for the homeless, rough sleepers and people who just may be working their way through hard times

“Anonymous X” fill a very important gap treating these people with dignity and respect

Rebecca, a three year and lifer volunteer of Anonymous X, says “I see a lot of people you know every week my car is full of donations, our van is full of donations, that’s people being compassionate, that’s people helping us.  It’s working together for the prevention because people are compassionate, people are out here to volunteer with us … they donate, its unfortunately not enough cos of the problem we are facing so we do need more funding and more donations but I don’t want to say Australia is not compassionate, no I don’t want to believe that”

Duane suffers from mental illness and some physical disabilities: –  “I stay in a community respite house, its just not the best place but I at least I have a roof over my head which is a blessing but realistically I like to be on my own without having to deal with drug addicts and I don’t know the situation why they are there … they are in such a quite appalling state.  They are paedophiles, or sex maniacs, drug addicts also they are like where the society can not have respect for such people but still I don’t know why they are that.  Its not my place to pass judgement on anyone but I would like to be in a safer place.  Its not only the women [who] are harassed by others,  there are vulnerable men like me who get assistance because of that idea of getting a free meal or a piece of clothing its quite intimidating to come and ask

“I like to be respected by Society not to brand me with unwarranted titles of homeless person or a junkie or something. I like to keep clean but time and time [again] my mental illness and my physical illnesses makes it difficult for me.”

Here’s a look at the work Anonymous X/Playin’ for a Cause do [9min 14secs]

Duane continues, “I think there should be more research.  I don’t know if they have enough research because the government keep telling [us] they’re giving and focusing and funding people with difficulties.  I think there should be a holistic approach and a total approach.  I like the idea there are social securities like Centrelink payments and all that, it’s good.  But I think people could get out of the street.  There should be more of a social scientific approach.  To study the situation very carefully and first and foremost not to let people fall into that situation and if you are there its hard, its really hard … there is No Escape”

Rebecca – Anonymous X:  “I’ve got friends that don’t feel comfortable coming out on the streets.  It’s not their world so they support me financially or come in and spend time with us in our warehouse.  So it’s what level you are comfortable with everybody can give back in some way it doesn’t matter where you live

Playin’  For  A  Cause,

SATURday 3rd August from 3pm

Newport Bowling Club

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