Melbourne International Comedy Festival RED NOODLE BLUE Jacob Sacher & Jack McGorlick

Review by Meredith Fuller psychologist, author, theatre maker

The show is best described as an absurdist time-traveling mystery narrative sketch comedy by a confident, perceptive young comedy duo. Alongside the audience, I spent tonight laughing throughout the only sold-out show at Tasma Terrace.

Take this opportunity to meet these twenty-somethings early in their careers; I predict they will join our well known and feted stars. Their work is sophisticated, farcical, and eminently entertaining.

Jacob Sacher and Jack McGorlick are joined by Sandro Falce (Triple J). The show takes us on the duo’s attempted journey to bend the limits of time and space to rescue their director Paul Noodle (a pool noodle) who has gone missing in a freak time-travel accident. Their comedic style weaves surreal premises, rigorous logic and improvisation to shatter expectations of traditional sketch comedy and ensures that no two performances will be alike.

McGorlick is a dramatic performer and theatre director, while Sacher is a Melbourne Theatre Company award-winner, and performer at both the Improv Conspiracy and LMA Theatres. Together the pair won the 2017 University of Melbourne Comedy Competition.

Last year their sold-out 2018 comedy festival show was the funniest; this year they may well provide the best.

These two are ideally matched in comedic sensibility, contrast and confluence, and ability to maintain audience engagement. They have created a clever, exhilarating experience with superb choreography and refreshing concepts.

This is immersive comedy at its’ best, as they engage with audience members in every sense. Their acrobatics were as elegant as synchronized swimming. Moments when they invaded each other’s space were poignant and delectable. Costumes and props worked well. I particularly liked their pants.

Jacob Sacher, also the producer, is a master of the witty one liners and retorts to audience and brings a shrewd socio-economic-politico commentary to the work.

Jack has all the hallmarks for comedic brilliance; a malleable body that defies the laws of plasticity, an expressive face, exquisite timing, and an ability to get the audience laughing as soon as he arrives on stage.

Their material was multi-layered, and audience reflexivity will reveal even further connections and sociological observations. The clever concept of undertaking time travel via Melbourne’s rail system provided droll humour and creative possibility beyond belief.

Their analysis of the Australian Academy and the tragedy of our scientific community was as pungent as their observations of global historic events.

Archetypes were exploited mercilessly, as well as the nature of relationships, gender, and primitive emotion.
Nothing was sacred – even the Wiggles were referenced.

I’m scratching to find any constructive criticism – but perhaps they could tighten the hinging of the first and second half. While nearly all of the show was taut and energetic, it was less strong at midpoint. Perhaps either shaving a few minutes, or even introducing a new time travel excursion at this point? Anticipating that this comedy duo will get much bigger and have longevity, I would encourage Jacob to maintain voice/singing coaching for the vocal self-care he’ll later require. This duo has much to say of a funny and serious nature, and I’d like to see their evolution as significant comedic social commentators.

Red Noodle Blue March 26 – April 7 2019. All shows 8:30PM Tasma Terrace, 6 Parliament Place, Melbourne. Bookings through the Melbourne International Comedy Festival website or on the door.