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Dr. Mayer Remstal Riesling Kabinett Trocken 2011


Wonderful German Riesling


I work in retail wine sales and have a pretty good plate along with a knowledge of wine and its flavours and so on. So when a customer asked me for a nice Pinot and a good Riesling. I handed them a German Riesling and a French Pinot Noir they said.


I have just tasted a Riesling, well more like drank a bottle of Dr. Mayer Remstal Riesling Kabinett Trocken 2011 with 3 colleagues over dinner party at Arty’s place. We also drank several wines from Gembrook Hill Vineyard and a ripper Pinot Noir called Bloody Hill from Yarra Valley and makes wine from Mt Toolebewong just outside Healesville.

The point being would the customers still only drink Australian wine if they knew that the German wine maker Timo Mayer that makes this Riesling and owns the vineyards in Germany, lives in the Yarra Valley and makes these stunning Australian wines, I repeat YOU WANKERS!! As I tell customers there is no politics in wine. Just people that want to make good wine no matter where it is, and they are called winemakers.

Now to the wine Mayer Remstal Riesling Kabinett trocken 2011. For a start the wine has no cork but is sealed with a glass stopper instead, so its got to be special. The wine took a little time to open up and show itself at its best however we had drank half a bottle by then as it was just so bloody good.

With all its perfume of yellow and white lemon tree flowers, clean minerals rolling around cold white river stones, flirting some hints of powdered cinnamon spice wrapt in lime and a soft lemon pith acidity finishing with a hint of honey in the middle of a creamy baked apple. I don’t think I could make this wine sound any better or more interesting than this. This is my interpretation of the joy this German Riesling brought to the dinner table with people that love to drink and talk about wine all night. Now who’s a wanker?