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Maybe Family Counselling is what you Need



Families have disagreements. This is a natural part of life. But if arguments are happening often and are sometimes heated, a lot of conflict can indicate it is time to end your marriage. When you talk to a lawyer, one of the things they will talk about is marriage counselling Perth. Counselling is not only about ‘saving’ a marriage. When the two parties want to separate and divorce, marriage or family counselling is a great way to navigate the emotions and stress with someone who is unbiased and can foster better communication. Whether there are issues between a parent and a child, the two partners or some other combination, a therapist can help with a non-judgemental approach.

How do you know if family counselling can help

When conflict is starting to have a mental impact, it’s best that you reach out to a mental health professional. If you experience trauma in your relationship, or if ongoing issues are not being resolved, these problems can their toll on an individual or the family unit. It pays dividends to enlist a counsellor’s help. With family counselling Perth, you can;

  • Overcome family and personal challenges
  • Speak truths that are important to you
  • Listen to truths from other family members
  • Develop better communication
  • Become more involved in matters even if the divorce is still happening
  • Adjust to the new family dynamic and life
  • Confront issues of violence and threat in a safe place
  • Work to a more amicable divorce and parenting arrangement

What to expect when you attend family or marriage counselling

When you attend family counselling Perth the premise is that every family member is safe, respected and heard. Depending on the kind of issues your family faces depends on how that dynamic works, who is in the room and what practical techniques a counsellor can teach to help with improving communication. Your counsellor will help every with navigating emotions and hot topics. The counsellor is non-biased, there is no favouritism towards a family member, or judgement because of difficult decisions that have had to be made. You might see things like;

  • Learning how to communicate with each other
  • Learning how to use your words better
  • Learning how to listen better
  • Identifying issues as they arise before they turn into a heavy argument
  • Encouraging ways family members can relate to each other that are healthier and less contentious
  • Understanding and having respect for the different emotional needs each family member has
  • Accepting that setbacks happen, and when they do, what can be done to move forward in a healthy way


Make use of marriage counselling Perth, in the hopes that you and your partner can come to a divorce agreement without having to go to court. However, your family lawyer can continue to guide you legally through the process in case an amicable agreement is not possible.

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