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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Marooned to Off-Broadway



The astonishing journey continues


Southbank Theatre, The Lawler

18 — 28 SEPTEMBER 2019


Greg Caine, Rohana Hayes,

Christopher Grant, Darcy Smith 

“Grateful to have got involved as the bridge between an awesome new Australian play on suicide staging later at the Lawler Theatre. I am fortunate enough to be the bridge to an off Broadway season and the off off Broadway tour through regional America. I am extremely grateful to know and work with passionate creatives and awesome people..”

                                                              Rodney Harris


The story is real and clearly not finished

Written after the suicide of the man above, the actor Guy May, it has moved from strength to strength at an ever growing pace until today where we began talks with a producer who wants to bring it to New York. 


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